New Year, New Discovery at Red Mountain Resort

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NOVEMBER 25, 2019

Award-winning resort welcomes the new decade with enhanced programming

St. George, UTAH, Nov. 25, 2019 – With 2020 marking both a New Year and a new decade, Red Mountain Resort, a premier adventure and wellness destination in southwestern Utah, is excited to celebrate the milestone with enhanced wellness programming. From physical and nutritional to spiritual and emotional, the resort is embracing new themes for the season, making it the perfect destination to kick start any New Year resolution no matter the wellness goal.  

In honor of the New Year, the resort will offer a range of wellness offerings, including targeted all-inclusive retreat packages, innovative spa treatments and creative fitness classes. See below for a sampling of what’s new at Red Mountain Resort for 2020.

New Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

Red Mountain Resort is excited to welcome Bentley Murdock, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, to its team of wellness experts. With over 20 years’ experience, Murdock will offer a new complimentary wellness discussion, Nutrition for Disease Prevention & Reversal, to the resort’s core programming, as well as private and customized sessions. Both will focus on evidence-based tools and techniques that prevent, and potentially reverse, chronic illness. In addition, Murdock will work with guests to help them focus on small nutritional and behavioral changes that can be easily implemented to better embrace healthier lifestyles. Using the term “wholistic” to describe his approach, Murdock incorporates both the tangible and intangible aspects of healing and encompasses the whole body, heart, mind, gut, spirit and soul in his balanced approach to nutrition and wellness.

Spiritual Unpacking with Personal Discovery Providers

With the ever-growing discussions on mental health, stress, depression and anxiety, Red Mountain Resort is proud to offer the healing services of two shamans, two intuitives, a licensed music therapist as well as yoga and meditation specialists. New workshop offerings such as Relief & Release through Music and Oracle Readings work with guests to disconnect them from the pressures of their daily life, provide relief from emotional burdens and awaken their inner passions. These new additions perfectly compliment the resort’s current services of Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Energy Reading and Shamanic Energy Healing, offering the ultimate spiritual housekeeping for those looking to shed old layers and connect to greater joy in 2020.

Recovery and Physical Movement

The new wellness offerings at Red Mountain Resort will place a greater emphasis on restoration and healing in 2020. Under the guidance of fitness manager Kim Watters, who has over 30 years of industry experience, the new fitness programming will feature Vibration Recovery, a class using the Hypersphere mini massage ball to relieve tension and increase flexibility, circulation and range of motion. Intentional Mobility will also be available in quick and efficient 20-minute sessions. Designed to improve guests’ range of motion and posture, the Intentional Mobility classes allow guests to weave recovery into their pursuit of wellness without compromising on time.

Rest and Restore at Sagestone Spa and Salon

The onsite, award-winning Sagestone Spa and Salon continues to be a sanctuary for restorative healing, with cutting-edge technology and nature-inspired ingredients elevating the spa experience. Starting in the new year, guests can add CBD oil to their massage to reduce inflammation or request a Hypervolttm Percussion Spot Treatment to ease muscle tension. To address cellulite and restore skin tone, guests can enjoy the Bellabacitm Cupping Contour treatments. The Bellabacitm Cupping can also be added on to a massage to promote deep muscle relief and detoxification. 

New Wellness Focused Weight Loss Retreats

Responding to the societal shift towards body positivity and self-love, the resort has redesigned its weight loss retreats to approach health from a holistic point of view, bringing physical, mental and spiritual fitness together for an all-inclusive, adventure-oriented experience.

Weight Loss & Living Mindfully Retreat: This eight-day, seven-night retreat offers guests the opportunity to optimize and improve upon their fitness, nutrition and mindfulness in a supportive small-group setting. Cutting-edge programming, like Resting Metabolic Rate Test and InBODY Composition Test, provide an expert team of coaches with the customized information needed to set guests up for a healthier and happier life. Goal setting, Mindful Meal Planning and a post-retreat follow up are all included.

Metabolic Booster Retreat: Time is precious. That’s why Red Mountain Resort is offering its wellness programming and metabolic testing in a micro-retreat format. This three-night, four-day retreat invites guests to reset their metabolic system with a customized fitness plan designed by a certified personal trainer and revitalize their spirits with workshops, including the InBODY Composition Test and Cardiovascular Workout Workshop.

About Red Mountain Resort

Nestled in Southwestern Utah’s red rock bluffs, Red Mountain Resort is a one-of-a-kind active destination retreat, inspiring guests to pursue health, wellness, balance and joy. With one of the country’s most breathtaking natural settings as its backdrop, the resort features a comprehensive selection of fitness classes and programs, outdoor and hiking adventures, nutritious cuisine and personal discovery seminars. The award-winning Sagestone Spa & Salon provides an array of unique spa services. Red Mountain Resort is conveniently located 30 minutes from St. George Municipal Airport and two hours from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, allowing visitors an easy commute. For reservations and information, call toll-free at 877.246.HIKE, or visit

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