Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time is check-in and check-out?

    Check-in is at 4 pm Mountain Time and check-out is at 11 am. You may arrive on property as early as 12:30pm to enjoy the amenities of the resort. If you are traveling through Las Vegas which is on Pacific Time, you will experience a time zone change. Late check outs, when available, are granted with a $50 fee. If a late check out is not available, you are welcome to store bags complimentary and continue to enjoy the resort.

  • Why does each guest get a confirmation?

    Each guest can have their own account at Red Mountain Resort. This way, we take the work out of splitting the bill with your friend at the end of your stay. Of course, if you want to pick up the tab, we can make that happen easily too!

  • What if I have to depart early?

    $50 per night, per person of your remaining stay is assessed for early departure.

  • What is dining like at Canyon Breeze Restaurant?

    Experience the culinary delights of Canyon Breeze throughout the day, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings available. At Canyon Breeze, we are committed to delivering the freshest dining experience possible, which is why all our meals are served à la carte. Indulge in a personalized dining experience crafted just for you.

  • What should I expect to pay in gratuities?

    For your convenience, a 20% service charge is added to services in Sagestone Spa & Salon, Wellness services, Adventure trips, workshops, Personal trainers & private guide experiences. This service charge is paid directly to your providers. Should you wish to provide additional gratuity for exceptional service, a check can be presented for your signature.

    Canyon Breeze Restaurant and Canyon Counter Food & Beverage outlets will present a check to the guest for signature, and the gratuity is at the guest discretion. For our guests on the Essential Retreat package, gratuities are at your discretion and will be charged to your package amount.

  • Are there resort fees?

    Yes, all reservations are subject to a $30 per night resort fee that includes unlimited device internet access, overnight parking, access to pools and spa facility, in-room coffee, fitness center use, and complimentary bottled water.

  • What if I am just starting to exercise? Will there be easier classes for me?

    Yes. Many of our classes offer beginning levels with enhanced options to step it up a notch... all within the same class.

  • I’m not an extreme athlete. How difficult are the outdoor adventure activities?

    Red Mountain has something for all levels. Don't stress, all our guides are experienced, professional and attentive. We make sure all our guests are well-equipped and safe at all times.

  • What are the hikes and how long are they?

    There are different types of hikes offered ascending from beginner (Explorer), intermediate (Challenge) and Morning Walks. Level increases are based upon pace, terrain and distance. Note: morning hikes are considered group activities; therefore, pace may be subject to change. The level of hike offered may vary each day. Hiking poles are not available.

    All hikes and activities leave promptly at the scheduled time. Informal groups of guests may not be on the same hike. Daily guided hikes and walks generally last two to three hours depending on the level and hike offered that day.

    Advance sign-up is required, and we recommend that you do so prior to arriving at the resort. You may also sign up in person at the Concierge no later than 5 pm the night before the hike, based on availability.

  • How are the Adventure Hikes different from the Daily Guided Hikes?

    Daily guided hikes are complimentary for our inclusive retreat package guests and are in the surrounding area. Adventure hikes are available for a fee. These specialized hikes range from Zion National Park to Snow Canyon State Park and include additional one-on-one time with your guide. Please arrive at the designated meeting space 10 minutes before departure. A 2 person minimum is required for Adventure Hikes to proceed. If a hike doesn't meet minimum participation, it will be cancelled.

  • If I go on the Daily Guided Hike will I return in time for the morning classes?

    We do our best to get back in time, yet there are times that the group is delayed.

  • Do you hike in the winter?

    We do hike and bike year round, enjoying mild desert Southwest temperatures. Winter morning temperatures can begin in the low 20’s and move into the 40’s by the end of the hike. Summer months may begin in the 70’s and end in the 100’s.

  • Will the daily morning hikes be repeated during my stay?

    It depends on how long you stay. Hikers who remain at the same level will do a different hike each day of the week over a one-week period. This information is dependent on weather and trail conditions.

  • What’s the hiking like in Zion National Park?

    Hiking in Zion with Red Mountain guides may well become the highlight of your trip. This day adventure offers awe-inspiring hiking in historic Zion, one of the world’s most famous geologic wonders. It is a wonderful day in a stunning location. The trip allows for sightseeing to very aggressive hiking and everything in between. Certified and knowledgeable guides will help you determine the ideal trails for your adventure needs. Lunch will be provided by the renowned Canyon Breeze Restaurant. Your guides will finish off the day with a surprise ‘treat’ to top-off your adventure.

  • What do I wear for the hikes? What kind of shoes do I need and what else do I need to bring along?

    Footwear - we recommend hiking boots for additional foot support and traction, however, close-toed runners with adequate traction will suffice. You will want to take a few things into consideration such as amount of tread on your shoe, comfort of shoe on rocky conditions and durability through sand, sandstone and lava rocks. Hiking poles are not available.

    Seasonal clothing - wear layers to your comfort level (including jackets, gloves, and ear-covers in colder months.) Winter morning temperatures can begin in the low 20’s and move into the 40’s by the end of the hike. Summer months may begin in the 70’s and end in the 100’s.

    Water - each guest is required to carry enough water for the duration of the hike preferably in a lightweight pack as we promote hands free hiking (drawstring packs are provided by the resort for guests on inclusive retreats). A hydration pack, such as a CamelBak® is not required, but convenient, particularly for longer adventures. Guests must carry 2 water bottles during the warmer months.

    Snacks, camera and sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen and/or hats) are strongly encouraged during summer months.

  • Can I hike or bike in Snow Canyon State Park on my own?

    Yes. Hike into the park and spend the day on their scenic trails or use one of our bikes to enjoy the paved bike path. Be prepared to pay a fee at the entrance gate.

  • Are there height and weight restrictions to outdoor activities?

    For rappelling, the maximum waist measurement is 42 inches. The Adventure Concierge can assist you further.

  • Do I need to bring my own bike?

    You can if you want, but Red Mountain is fully equipped with cruiser bikes and helmets. There are many nearby Ivins and St. George companies that are renting e-bikes.

  • Do you have a pool?

    We have two outdoor seasonal pools that are open mid-March through November. An indoor pool is open for the winter. Our pools offer a peaceful and relaxing environment, so no splashing, please – unless you are in the aqua aerobics class. Sorry, no pets allowed in the pool areas.

  • What is there to do at night?

    Relax, enjoy the night sky, or gather at our outdoor firepit at the Welcome Pavilion! On weekends you will enjoy listening to live music in Canyon Breeze.

  • Do I need to dress up for dinner?

    Red Mountain Resort is a very casual atmosphere. Relaxed and informal attire is fine. Reservations are required for dinner.

  • I’m a vegetarian. Will there be enough choices for me?

    Absolutely. If you’re vegan, kosher or have any specific dietary needs, our chef can accommodate you.

  • I have special food and diet needs – can you help me?

    Red Mountain’s menu clearly identifies the most common allergens: soy, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and shellfish. Please make your needs known to your reservation agent prior to arrival. As an additional precaution, we ask our guests to identify their allergies on a form when they arrive. Our breakfast and lunch is buffet style and we prepare items with allergens in our kitchen, so while we take many steps to prevent cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee it. Please note that Canyon Breeze Restaurant is not a gluten-free kitchen. If you request an item that is not currently on our menu or in our pantry, we can accommodate most requests with 24 hours’ notice, and additional charges may apply.

  • Can you book spa services and adventures online?

    Yes. If you are reserving for multiple days of appointments, it will be best to call Reservations at 800-407-3002. You are not able to reserve activities for the same day online. Activities booked online will not appear on the same itinerary as those booked through our reservation center.

  • Do you accept SpaFinder's Gift Certificates?

    No, however you can purchase gift certificates from Sagestone Spa which can be used throughout the resort. It's a great way to gift a friend and we are happy to have it delivered to their room.

  • Are alcoholic beverages available at Red Mountain Resort?

    Thankfully yes! Red Mountain does have a full restaurant license and offers cocktails, wine and beer. You must intend to dine with us if you are ordering alcohol. If we are delivering alcohol to your room, you must be present. You may bring your own wine into dinner, provided it is unopened. There is a $15 per bottle corkage fee.

  • What’s the age range of the guests at Red Mountain?

    At Red Mountain Resort, we extend a warm welcome to guests of all ages. Whether you're planning a family vacation, a getaway with friends, or a romantic retreat, there's something for everyone. From adventurous outings to relaxing spa treatments, our resort offers a diverse range of activities to enjoy individually or together. While our inclusive retreats and activities cater to guests aged 16 and up, we often host gatherings for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and multi-generational trips. While children are welcome at the resort, please note that our inclusive retreat activities, such as hiking and fitness classes, are designed for adult participants. Join us for an unforgettable experience amidst the stunning landscapes of Greater Zion!

  • Is Red Mountain appropriate for kids?

    Yes, please do expect that the resort is a wellness experience, and many guests are coming for quiet relaxation and renewal. There are sacred areas of our resort, such as the Labyrinth and our Meditation Grotto for reflection, and not for running through. Horseplay and splashing is not welcome at our pools. We welcome young adults to participate in the Essential Retreat outdoor and fitness activities from ages 16 and above. They can enjoy our fitness classes, lifestyle lectures and dining room without a parent or guardian. Parents/Guardians must accompany Teens during private appointments (Spa and Wellness) and Outdoor Recreation Activities. Guests with children under the age of 16 may enjoy our Stay & Play Rates along with Private Family Adventures and Family Wellness Activities offered in our Summer and Winter seasons. Sagestone Spa provides treatments for those 16-17 years of age, when accompanied by parent or guardian.

  • Do men travel to Red Mountain Resort?


  • I am traveling solo. Will I feel out of place?

    No. We are frequently mentioned as one of the Best Spas for Traveling Solo by the media.

  • How do you get to the resort? Do you fly into Las Vegas?

    You can fly into St. George or Las Vegas, whichever is a better connection for you. Limited shuttle service is available to the resort from the St. George Airport during specific hours. Uber, Lyft and Taxi service may also be arranged.

  • Do you provide transportation to Red Mountain? And how long is the drive?

    We provide scheduled transportation from the St. George airport if your arrival is prior to 6pm. After 6pm, guests arriving at the St. George Airport should arrange for a Taxi or Uber/Lyft. There are a number of shuttle companies that make multiple daily trips from Las Vegas. Your ride will be approximately 2 hours from the Las Vegas airport.

  • Does the property have Wi-Fi access in all rooms?

    Yes, Wi-Fi is available in rooms and throughout the resort.

  • Can I charge my electric car?

    We have designated parking stalls with 110v capacity. A Tesla Supercharger station is available at Starbucks at 1091 N. Bluff St., nearby in St. George.

  • May I use my drone?

    We discourage the use of drones on our property for the peace and privacy of our guests. Management permission is necessary for promotion or special occasion use.

  • Have you lost an item? Or found something that belongs to someone else?

    Please report your lost or found item here. We will contact you should your item be found and arrange for shipping at your expense. Items are held for 30 days. Perishables, open containers, or items of small value are not retained by Lost & Found.

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