Wellness Workshops

Check the activity schedule for our seasonal workshops. To sign up for a workshop call 877.246.4453 or Ext. 3048.

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Acoustic Acupuncture


Amplify full body restoration through the healing sound frequencies of crystal bowls while 2-4 preselected acupuncture points are treated on all participants. This unique blend of healing modalities washes over the body for a truly rejuvenating experience. There is a 2 person minimum on this experience.

MELT Anti-Aging

50 minutes, $40

Featuring the 50-Second Facelift. Reduce sagging skin on your face and neckline daily. Using a MELT Soft Body Roller and Treatment Balls, you'll learn to stimulate collagen and elastin cells and restore hydration. Included a treatment ball.

Successful Meditation

90 minutes, $55

Cultivate a clear, calm and focused mind with effective meditation tools and techniques to reduce stress and instill mindfulness.

Yoga in Snow Canyon

1 hour 45 minutes, $55

Experience yoga among the red rock cliffs, brilliant blue skies and petrified sand dunes of Snow Canyon State Park. Enjoy the sense of lengthening the body and calming the mind in this uniquely beautiful and serene location. Closed toed shoes required.

Meet the Stones

80 minutes, $55

Learn about and experience the healing power of stones & crystals Join shamanic practitioner Brittney Marie and discover simple ways to connect more deeply with the earth and access the inherent healing power of stones. This 80 minute workshop includes an introduction to the core principles of ancient stone & crystal medicine. You’ll learn the metaphysical & medicinal properties of 3 stones and choose one to take home with you. Your experience concludes with a healing stone medicine treatment to activate circuitry within your energy system utilizing sound & a grid of stones placed on the body at key energy points to support deep release & relaxation.

Ancient Puebloan Pottery

2 hours, $130

Learn how the Ancient Puebloan people living in the St. George area worked in synergy with the spirits of nature. Pottery was viewed as a combination of the clay's spirit and the potter's spirit. Discover their culture and history as you hand build your own clay pot using these ancient techniques, tools and rituals.  Collect and craft your own native plant brush to paint your vessel. Includes material, firing and shipping.

Cancellation  policies:

Twenty-four hour notification is required for all canceled or changed spa & salon appointments, health and fitness services, private sessions and adventure trips to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. Missed appointments will be charged 100% of the service fee. A 15% service charge will be added to all treatments and activities. Prices subject to change without notice.