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With trails right outside your door, Red Mountain Resort is at the heart of the most abundant and spectacular hiking in Utah and North America. Just down the road is Snow Canyon State Park, with nearly 7,000 acres of red rock canyons and cliffs, lava caves and two volcanic cones. We also offer group and privately guided hikes in the legendary Zion National Park.

The heart of Red Mountain's outdoor activities is its daily morning hiking program. Nowhere else in the continental U.S. can you find the quantity or quality of trails for Red Rock hiking available at Red Mountain Resort. Numerous hiking opportunities are led by specialized guides who are enthusiastically committed to giving you the experience of a lifetime. Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable, practice the "Leave No Trace" Program, and are trained in CPR and American Heart Association First Aid.  Please reserve your spot in advance by contacting your reservation agent at (800)-407-3002 or in person with the Adventure Concierge no later than 5 PM the night before the hike. Advance sign up is always required as space is limited.

Daily Guided Group Hiking in Utah

Included in our retreat packages, you can start your day with a healthy hike.  Below is information to help you choose which hike is the best-suited for you.  We ask that you wear appropriate closed-toe hiking footwear and bring a pack to carry water for "hands-free" hiking. Hikes last 2-2.5 hours.  $95 for A la Carte guests.

Explorer Hikes are an excellent for entry level hikers. We take the time to admire the scenery with stops for photos and guide interpretations. These hikes may contain paved walking paths as well as unpaved trails of uneven terrain with red rock, sand & lava rock. Distances vary between 2.5 to 4 miles with an average elevation change of 350 feet.

Challenge Hikes are moderately aerobic, mid-level hikes with short breaks for photo opportunities. You'll encounter a variety of trails designed to push mid-level hikers.  The trails include slick rock, washes and some rocky, uneven terrain.  Previous hiking experience recommended.  Distances vary between 3.5 to 5.5 miles. The maximum elevation gain is 765 feet.

Outdoor Walks will take your soul for a stroll literally! Enjoy the beautiful scenery with our Red Hills Desert Garden Walk, Desert Nature Walk or Morning Walk in Snow Canyon. Days and times vary.

Candy Cliffs Hiking Adventure


Enjoy vistas of Zion National Park, Grand Staircase, and Pine Valley mountains. Hike on wave-like red sand stone, and be sure to look for the heart shaped rock formation. This is sure to be the highlight of your trip! Confident explorer hikers and above. Half day trip, includes lunch.

Lava Tubes Hike


For confident Explorer level hikers and above. Caverns in the middle of Snow Canyon? Yes! Discover the underground world with the help of your guide and a headlamp. This is a 2-mile-long round trip with varying terrains of sandstone, lava rock and loose sand. You will scramble up and over rocks, experience uneven terrain and darkness.

Vortex Adventure

4 HOURS, AVAILABLE seasonally, $100

For confident Explorer level hikers and above. A local favorite, off the beaten path with stunning panoramic vistas and unique red rock formations. Done this? We suggest your next adventure be Candy Cliffs.

Hike & Kayak

6 hours, Available Seasonally, $175

Paddle your kayak across a small reservoir for an upper body workout, then pull your kayak up on a sandy beach and hike for a lower body workout to explore a little known slot canyon. The red rocks surrounding the Gunlock Reservoir offer beautiful vistas and otherworldly rock formations. Lunch is provided.

Zion National Park Hiking Adventure

day trip, AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND, $275

One of the scenic natural wonders of the world, Zion National Park is famous for its deep canyons, sandstone cliffs and stunning vistas. Our experienced guides will lead you though the stark contrasts of lush forestland and colorful mountain peaks in Utah's first National Park.

Zion Narrows - Year Round

day trip, AVAILABLE Year Round, $325

An experience unlike any other. With walls over 1000 feet tall and the canyon just 20-30 feet wide in places, the appropriately named Narrows is an off-trail, through the water hike where the Virgin River is your trail. You will see some of the most spectacular and narrow parts of Zion Canyon, as you walk upstream and back across rocky river beds, through sandy alcoves, and where stunning vistas await you at every corner. For more information see the Excursions Page. 

Your Own Unique Adventure

Priced PER activity, PER PERSON

Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, National Park Sightseeing, Mountain Biking, Climbing. Your ideas or ours, the possibilities are limitless. Do you have special needs? Or just want a customized experience? Our expert guides and can design a trip uniquely tailored to your individual requirements, based on guide availability. Make your request online, advance notice required.

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Alpine Adventure

HALF-Day trip, $100

For all levels. Discover the serenity and beauty of the Pine Valley Recreation Area. Take a stroll along an alpine lake, babbling mountain stream, and towering Ponderosa pines. A lovely diversion from the desert scene.

Bryce Canyon National Park


What’s a Hoodoo? Enjoy an alpine climate, unique red rock formations, brilliant blue skies and awe-inspiring vistas. A day you will treasure for years to come, guaranteed.  

Petroglyph Discoveries

2 hours, available seasonally, $80

Explore the Anasazi culture at a Solstice site, where the petroglyphs along with inspiring panoramic views,  connects the people living here in the past with people today. For confident Explorer level hikers and above.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Assumption of Inherent Risk in Outdoor Activities

Guests participating in Outdoor Recreation activities must recognize that they include risks integral to those activities. Although it is possible to minimize these risks, they cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique nature of the activity. Guests must agree to comply with all safety rules and instruction of Red Mountain Resort, any of its agents, employees and representatives. Guests must recognize that our activities occur in the wilderness in environments that include canyons, mountain and desert terrain, remote from medical facilities, roads and communication sites. Some of the inherent risks guests may be exposed to include but are not limited to: judgments by self, others or Red Mountain Resort; not following instructions; rough and steep terrain, falling or stumbling, trails with or without maintenance, off-trail travel, fences and barbed wire, loose rock, sand, sharp branches, cactus, vegetation, boulders, exposed ledges and paths, standing or running water, high temperatures, flash floods, rain, snow, lightning, extreme weather changes, winds, wild animals, venomous reptiles, insects, terrain lacking water resources and rock fall. These and other risks and hazards can result in injury, damage, permanent disability, death or loss. By voluntarily signing up to participate in any organized outdoor recreation activity at Red Mountain Resort, guests acknowledge the presence of these and similar risks.

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