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An ideal location coupled with a staff of knowledgeable guides, Red Mountain Resort provides an unparalleled quality of part-day and full-day excursions to the most colorful geologic wonders of the world. Get active with canyoneering or kayaking, or take it easy with sightseeing. Adventure activities have a 2 guest participation minimum. Private guides for hire are also available with 48 hour advance notice. You can make your excursion reservations before you arrive at (800)-407-3002 or via email at

Zion Narrows - Fall & Winter Hike

$325 Day Trip - available October through April

With walls 1000 feet tall, and the river just 20-30 feet wide, the appropriately named Narrows is an off-trail, through the water hike. You will see some of the most spectacular and narrow parts of Zion Canyon, as you walk upstream and back on a slippery uneven river bottom and through sandy alcoves.

Conditions: Hiking in river up to your waist or higher in certain sections. Limited sun due to the high canyon walls. Often breezy. Gear: Red Mountain will provide seasonally appropriate gear, water shoes and walking pole. Cautions: Bring electronics only if they are waterproof or you have a dry bag to carry them. Distance: 5.5 miles this includes the trip to and from the entry point into the river.

Private Guided Hikes to the Narrows $435, taxes & service charges additional. 48 hour notice required. Taxes and Service charge additional.

Please note that we always prioritize safety. Environmental and weather conditions must be taken seriously. We will cancel our if the NPS closes the trail due to high water, unstable ice, or other dangerous situations. For current park information on the Narrows please see

Angels Landing

Half-day Trip, Experienced Hikers only, $300 per person

Angel's Landing

• $300 per person, plus service charge & gratuity.
• Maximum 6 guests – Experienced Hikers Only.
• Trips are on Sundays: Depart resort at 7am; return at approximately 2pm.

Angel's Landing is one of the most iconic trails in Zion National Park and it listed on the National Historic Registry, making it a bucket-list-worthy experience. The trail begins along the Virgin River and follows a well-marked trail into Refrigerator Canyon. The cooling breeze of Refrigerator Canyon will refresh you as you prepare to climb Walter's Wiggles, a steep section of 21 switchbacks named for the first park superintendent who created this iconic trail to the top of Angel's Landing. Prior to this it was said that the area was accessible only by the Angels among us. The real adventure begins at the top of the Wiggles at Scouts Lookout where lucky guests are treated to condors soaring on the winds created by the steep canyon walls. From here, the hike ascends another 0.8 miles to the summit. This last section of trail is known as the Hogs Back and has 1,500 foot drop-offs on both sides. The trail is often only a few feet wide and requires extreme caution. There is a chain securely anchored in place to help guide and assist. Those who have the courage and strength to make it to the summit are rewarded with feelings of accomplishment, joy, and wonder!

This amazing journey only covers 5 miles, round trip. However, that is not indicative of the challenge it creates. The 1,500 foot elevation gain and mandatory attention to detail will challenge even the most seasoned hiker. The Red Mountain guiding team has helped our guests enjoy this empowering adventure for many years. With our professional guidance this day trip will create vacation memories to last a lifetime.

The trail has steep narrow sections and extreme drop-offs. It is for experienced hikers only. Not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights, vertigo, or balance issues. Strong legs, dependable knees, and a sense of adventure are required.



Do it all in this Challenge Plus level, 4-mile excursion. Scramble to reach a summit, rappel with ropes, then down scramble through a narrow slot canyon. Be sure to bring your sense of adventure. Ready to go again? Now offering a Canyoneering II Adventure to Water Canyon with even more hiking and longer rappels.  


hours vary, early morning/sunset options, AVAILABLE SEASONALLY, $155 PER PERSON

Experience the tranquil blue, clean water, red rock cliffs and mountain vistas. Paddleboards also available. Ask about seasonal moonlight specials.

Rock Climbing


Expert guides accommodate ALL levels of experience, even first timers. Equipment, instruction and motivation provided on world-class cliffs.

Historic Downtown St. George Art Tour

available as a private guided adventure, $150 per person

This walking tour will guide your through our rich and active downtown art community with its visually exciting galleries and restored pioneer era buildings to showcase our community's beginnings.

This walking tour explores downtown St. George and all the wonderful history it has to offer.

This tour features:
• Town Square Park & Gazebo
• Opera House
• Social Hall
• Art Museum
• Main Street
• Judd’s General Store

Location: Meet guide at Gazebo

Sunset Rappelling

3 hours, $155 per person

Descending cliffs with ropes has never been more safe. Expert guides introduce you to an adventure you will never forget. Great for beginners.

Bird Oasis

3 hours, available as a private guided adventure, $180

Count how many different birds you can see on this handicapped accessible tour. Include binoculars.

Custom Adventures - Hike, Bike, Climb, Kayak and more


Our guides and preferred outfitters can create a custom adventure designed for your experience level and interests. Choose a location near the resort or a trip to nearby national parks. 48 hour notice required.

Lodging reservations must already be in place at the time of booking for Custom Adventures. All trips should be arranged at least 24 hours in advance of the trip. Cancellation of private guiding services must occur before 24 hours of trip departure time or the total cost of the trip will be collected as a cancellation fee. A 15% service charge will be added to all activities.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Assumption of Inherent Risk in Outdoor Activities

Guests participating in Outdoor Recreation activities must recognize that they include risks integral to those activities. Although it is possible to minimize these risks, they cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique nature of the activity. Guests must agree to comply with all safety rules and instruction of Red Mountain Resort, any of its agents, employees and representatives. Guests must recognize that our activities occur in the wilderness in environments that include canyons, mountain and desert terrain, remote from medical facilities, roads and communication sites. Some of the inherent risks guests may be exposed to include but are not limited to: judgments by self, others or Red Mountain Resort; not following instructions; rough and steep terrain, falling or stumbling, trails with or without maintenance, off-trail travel, fences and barbed wire, loose rock, sand, sharp branches, cactus, vegetation, boulders, exposed ledges and paths, standing or running water, high temperatures, flash floods, rain, snow, lightning, extreme weather changes, winds, wild animals, venomous reptiles, insects, terrain lacking water resources and rock fall. These and other risks and hazards can result in injury, damage, permanent disability, death or loss. By voluntarily signing up to participate in any organized outdoor recreation activity at Red Mountain Resort, guests acknowledge the presence of these and similar risks.

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