You Are What You Write with Lena Rivkin, MFA (Guest Presenter Jan. 25-27)

The Art and Science of Handwriting Analysis

You Are What You Write with Lena Rivkin, MFA (Guest Presenter Jan. 25-27)

An internationally recognized graphologist with a particular interest in the interpretation of human dynamics, Lena Rivkin analyzes handwriting for private investigators, universities, and individuals seeking to learn more about themselves. She serves as vice president of the Southern California Chapter of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, advises Fortune 500 companies in employment screening, and consults as a document analyst in legal cases.

Lena has served on the art faculty at Mount St. Mary’s College, the University of Phoenix, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She is also a nationally exhibited visual artist.

Event Schedule

Friday, Jan. 25

Lunch with Lena Rivkin (12:00 pm, Canyon Breeze Restaurant)

Join Lena for lunch at the community table and learn about her upcoming presentations.

The Secret in Your Script (8:00 pm, Bryce Canyon Room)

Lena will share fun insights gleaned from samples of your own handwriting. You’ll be amazed at what it can reveal!

Saturday, Jan. 26

From Brushstrokes to Pen Strokes (8:00 pm, Bryce Canyon Room)

Take a look inside the minds of history’s most influential artists through handwriting analysis.

Sunday, Jan. 27

The Hand Behind the Word (8:00 pm, Bryce Canyon Room)

Learn what handwriting analysis reveals about poets and novelists.

Activities are complimentary for resort package guests. Call (435) 652-5716 for details.