Why you will be forever grateful if you attend the Emotional Fitness Retreat

The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy

Why you will be forever grateful if you attend the Emotional Fitness Retreat

If your life is just not going the way you wish it was—if you are suffering from trauma, loss, emotional distress (such as depression, anxiety, grief or apathy), or feeling continually stressed or alone, or you have unsolved problems or challenges, poor self-esteem or self-image that are holding you back from your best healthy and happy life, the Emotional Fitness Retreat is designed for you. The holistic healing methods, activities, and experiences offered in this retreat are truly empowering, life-changing, and sustainable.

With 45 years of study and facilitating healing experiences around the world, along with experiential learning in the most ancient and current scientific findings about healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, this retreat is a rich, unforgettable experience, and often works when nothing else has.

I have been offering this tried-and-true format at Red Mountain Resort since 2002. The Emotional Fitness Retreat is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, sustainable, healing, balancing, strengthening, elevating, and empowering experience. My comprehensive handbook of holistic healing, "Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy" is a retreat gift to you, and for your learning and reference after the retreat. The only requirements for this retreat are an open mind and a desire to heal and create the joy, health, fulfillment, peace, and love you have always wanted.

The truly winning sequence of healing sessions, hikes, yoga, meditation, private consultation, and strong group healing dynamic creates a deep experiential understanding of your true identity, power of emotional energy, release of trauma and stress, and the limiting ideas and beliefs that have been stopping you. Here we heal the past to be present for our extraordinary future of heart and soul-centered life purpose and consciously and confidently choosing the lives we are truly meant to live with joy, grace, and ease.

Andrea Becky Hanson, CEHP, RYT-500 – KRYTA – Sentient Intuitive