Why Red Mountain Resort Is the Perfect Place for a Company Retreat

Experiences to Challenge, Inspire, and Delight

Why Red Mountain Resort Is the Perfect Place for a Company Retreat

As every seasoned professional knows, sometimes it takes a little time away to refill your energy tank. Sometimes it takes a quiet moment in nature to re-center. Sometimes it takes an adventure to bring a team together with bonds of camaraderie that you couldn’t build any other way.

Vacationers fond of Southern Utah’s sage-scented wilds and multi-hued slot canyons come to Red Mountain Resort year after year, and increasingly it’s gaining notice as a sublime place for a corporate retreat or team getaway.

Millions of Years in the Making

The natural beauty surrounding Red Mountain Resort make it a welcome escape from the office.

The resort has all the right things going for it: It feels vastly remote, yet it’s just a couple hours from a major airport. It’s an adults-oriented resort (teens 12-17 are allowed), so the atmosphere is quiet and focused. The on-site chef is acclaimed for his ability to craft healthy meals paired with the perfect wines. The indoor conference facilities and outdoor landscaped areas serve as the ideal setting for any discussion or presentation. The rooms and villas are luxurious and comfortable. And the activities offered through the resort span everything from high adventure to thoughtful guided meditation.

This combination of qualities is tough to find anywhere, but when you look at Red Mountain’s spectacular setting, you see the true magic of this place. The resort sits at the edge of the exquisite Snow Canyon State Park and is within day-tripping distance of Zion National Park and Bryce National Park. From every corner of Red Mountain Resort, you can gaze at the dramatic rockscapes and colorful desert wildflowers—and the result is utter peace. A true sense of focus and calm.

Knowing that the resort is so well-suited for corporate retreats, they’ve developed experiences and offerings that go far beyond the conference room. They’ve crafted ways to truly bring people together, lower stress levels, foster communication, nurture creativity, unplug from the everyday routine, and bask in the beauty of the vast, quiet desert.

Experiences to Challenge, Inspire, and Delight

An outdoor Tai Chi class is just one of the unique events held at the resort.

Red Mountain always offers an interesting and thoughtful menu of guided hikes and adventure outings as well as a mind-body focus on meditation and spiritual well-being. But for corporate groups, they custom-tailor each experience further.

Groups are assigned a knowledgeable local guide for every activity, which can range from a guided hike in Zion National Park to Tai Chi on the rocks, or yoga in Snow Canyon followed by evening stargazing. Groups can even book a Singing Bowl meditation class in which perfect pitches emanating from crystal bowls will soothe and realign the mind and body. By stepping outside their normal comfort zones, teams build shared experiences—and emerge stronger as individuals, too.

One favorite is the “Where Heart Meets Horse,” a seasonal outing offered by the resort but also customizable for groups. A local wild mustang horse sanctuary allows guests to come and commune with these storied animals that have found themselves in peril in recent years. Guests are guided through the corrals and have the chance to get to know these unforgettable creatures and get up close and personal with the ones who have been around long enough to know that visitors can be a great resource for a nice scratch.

Guests report that this interaction is profoundly powerful. Everyday cares and distractions fall away as visitors quietly look into the eyes of a rescue horse who may approach for a little love or may maintain a thoughtful distance. And as they hear the stories of the horses, interwoven with the western desert landscape, visitors emerge profoundly touched and changed. There’s nothing better to bring a team together than sheer, unbound awe. And the mustang experience delivers it.

Another outing that leaves a mark on its participants is the Mindful Hike. As with all Red Mountain’s hikes, a seasoned local guide leads the group through the meandering twists and turns of the colorfully hued rocky trails. But on this hike, no conversation is permitted. Each guest savors every minute and dives fully into their surroundings. Every sense besides speech is heightened, and the surroundings feel more intensely moving. Afterward, participants report that this simple act of silence magnified the effects of the outdoor landscape.

Making Your Retreat Great

Red Mountain Resort has the space for organized meetings and presentations.

Whichever goals your professional team brings to their retreat, you can feel certain that the Red Mountain team is there to further an unforgettable experience. It has all the amenities you need to conduct meetings and presentations in addition to the group activities that are so valuable. The on-site spa is one of the best in the state, offering treatments that can only be found at Red Mountain. You’ll find that the spa uses custom-blended, indigenous desert botanicals, local honey, and mineral-rich muds for restorative effects.

A company retreat at Red Mountain Resort can bring a group of employees together while also providing them with time to recharge. Each individual can emerge stronger than ever—and be part of a team knit together by awe, adventure, and presence.