What’s Mom (Still) Got to Do with It? with Ilana Tolpin Levitt (Guest Presenter May 10-12)

Understanding Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

What’s Mom (Still) Got to Do with It? with Ilana Tolpin Levitt (Guest Presenter May 10-12)

The bond between mother and daughter is like no other in the family. Intense and complex, it is often the driving force behind a woman’s life choices, including partners, career, and her relationship with her own children. Gaining insight into this dynamic relationship will breathe new life into your personal journey.

Career consultant, licensed mental health counselor, and author Ilana Tolpin Levitt will also examine parenting for career success and how to unleash the warrior within to succeed with passion in the workplace. There is something for every woman to explore through this unique lens.

Ilana believes we can have (and be) anything we want – just not everything at once! In these thought-provoking presentations, explore your idea of the “perfect mother,” the delicate balancing act between work and home, and loving who you are instead of who you think you should be.

“Understanding how family legacy, societal norms, and our own parenting has influenced our lives is so powerful,” she says. “The need to explore boundaries as well as healthy expectations and communication can begin to open the door to new dynamics.”

Event Schedule

Friday, May 10

Lunch with Ilana Tolpin Levitt

Join Ilana for lunch at the community table and chat about her upcoming presentations.

The Warrior Within

Ready to reach the next level of your career? Women in the workplace often feel held back or like an impostor at their job. Many of us have lacked role models growing up, and often don’t currently have a mentor to look to for support. But there is a warrior woman in all of us. We will explore new ways to fully embody our strengths, and find the tools and resources needed to move forward in our careers.

Saturday, May 11

Parenting for Career Success

Parents consciously desire the best for their children but because of unconscious patterns, they may have trouble discerning what that is. Sometimes, we may also unwittingly want them to fulfill our unfulfilled dreams. Dynamics between parents and children can become complicated as we assert our opinions and our growing children try to assert their independence. Find the balance between offering direction and micromanaging and learn essential tips to set your children on the right path.

Sunday, May 12

Mother’s Journey, Daughter’s Destiny

How much of a daughter's life design is imprinted by her mother's own narrative? Education, choice of partners, and opportunities all seem connected to our histories. Learn why the mother-daughter relationship is more powerful and adhesive than any other in the family, and explore the conscious and unconscious connections within our stories. Begin to unpack your mother's story in order to bring clarity to your own. This workshop is for adult daughters (and mothers are welcome).

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