3 Perfect Wellness Itineraries for Your Personality

3 Perfect Wellness Itineraries for Your Personality
At Red Mountain Resort, you can enjoy natural wonders and take advantage of top-tier spa amenities. – Jenny Willden

Wellness has become such a popular segment of travel that a one-size-fits-all itinerary no longer works for travelers. That’s why it’s important to pick a destination that offers the flexibility to choose exactly the right kind of experience that fits your personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re a hardcore adventurer, outdoor enthusiast, or healthy lifestyle aficionado, Red Mountain Resort has a wellness retreat that’s perfectly suited to you.

Located in beautiful St. George, Utah, Red Mountain Resort is practically in the backyard of two national parks (Zion and Bryce Canyon) and right next door to Snow Canyon State Park. As a result, there are abundant ways to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of southwest Utah, from high-adrenaline (canyoneering, rock climbing) to chill (yoga, morning hikes).

Back at the award-winning resort, the choose-your-own adventure options continue, whether you’re ready to tackle a sweat-inducing fitness class or craving an afternoon (or full day) of lounging by the pool. No wellness retreat is complete without a spa, of course, and Sagestone Spa & Salon boasts a bounty of treatments, from deep tissue massage to facials featuring local products. Here are three suggested itineraries to get you started planning your wellness retreat at Red Mountain Resort.

The Adventure Lover

Hiking among Utah’s amazing red rocks is one of the resort’s most popular activities. – Jenny Willden

Does just looking at all the activities you pack into your trips make other people tired? Whether it’s day-long hikes, overnight backcountry adventures, or cycling mileage that hits the triple digits, you get after it no matter what you’re doing. At Red Mountain Resort, you can embark on a head-spinning array of adventures in the natural outdoor playground of southwest Utah.

When your muscles are taxed and you’re ready to chill, choose from several ways to unwind: recharge over a decadent, healthy meal, hit the spa, or just hit the hay. Explore an itinerary targeted to your adventurous ways.

Day 1


Daily Guided Hike: Kick off the day on the trails, with a hike suited to your skill level. Red Mountain’s staff tailors adventures to its participants, offering treks ranging from casual to challenging in and around Snow Canyon State Park. In the staggering beauty of slot canyons, red rock, and endless views, you just might forget about the workout at hand.

Core & More: With your quads torched, next up is your core. No matter how fit you are, a fitness class that focuses on strengthening this vital group of muscles is always beneficial. And you may learn a new technique from Red Mountain’s skilled staff.


Lunch: After such an active morning, you’ve earned some downtime. Enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch on the resort’s beautiful patio, and then it’s your pick of activities for the afternoon. You can go low-key with a hammock and a book or lounge at the outdoor pool. Or, if you’re not quite done moving yet, there are plenty of options for that, too.

Outdoor Yoga or Rappelling: Perfect your downward dog in the setting of this red rock wonderland. Yoga is a wonderful way to recharge and unwind, and the unforgettable landscape makes it even more impactful. If you’ve still got some energy left, learn the ropes of rappelling in a two-hour clinic that prepares you to explore Utah’s spectacular canyons.

Rejuvenate over Dinner (and Live Music!): You’ve no doubt worked up quite the appetite. So swap stories about the day’s adventures at the resort’s community table or settle in with friends early while enjoying live tunes at Canyon Breeze. And if, after a delicious dinner, you need to crash early, don’t feel guilty: Just indulge in the resort’s impossibly comfy beds and rest up for another action-packed day.

Day 2

Artsy Bike Ride: You’ll start your day with an easy (for you!) 12-mile round-trip bike ride from the resort to the Kayenta art community. Once you reach this funky, creative hub, stop for coffee or lunch and browse the galleries for a one-of-a-kind souvenir to take home, before heading back to the resort.

Take an early morning bike ride. – Red Mountain Resort

Canyoneering: This region of Utah is famous for its canyoneering, and you’ll use your newfound rappelling skills to help you get a leg up, quite literally, on a guided canyoneering excursion. Skilled guides will show you insider tips and tricks on using ropes to make your way down into narrow passages and tight crevices for an adventure you’ll remember forever.

Sunset Kayaking and Paddle Boarding: For a serene way to end your active day, grab a paddle for a guided tour on a local sandstone-surrounded reservoir that empties of motorized boat traffic as the sun goes down. Paddle across the calm waters amidst picturesque sunset views before returning to the resort for dinner.

Live Music and Dinner at Canyon Breeze: Meet new friends around a community table while enjoying live tunes or choose to dine solo. After dinner, head to the hot tub to soak away that muscle soreness.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Love the outdoors, but not quite ready for high-octane pursuits? No worries—you can take the adventure down a notch (or two) with this itinerary, which lets you explore the epic natural beauty of southwest Utah at a more leisurely pace.

Day 1


Daily Guided Hike: Get the blood flowing with a morning hike on the Explorer level, which is tailored as a sightseer’s trek. You’ll still get to soak up the awe-inspiring red rock trails, and you just may break a sweat, but you’ll come back with plenty of energy to enjoy the rest of the day.

E-Bike Ride: Explore Snow Canyon’s red and white sandstone on two wheels and fat tires. These e-bikes are pedal-assisted with an electric motor to give you a get a little extra oomph when you need it. You’ll ride over fairly flat terrain that includes a hard-packed gravel trail with a few sandy sections.


Bird Watching: After lunch, take a break from the desert to hear the (bird) calls of the wild at Tonaquint Nature Center. This green oasis is a spectacular home to more than 200 avian species.

Live Music and Dinner at Canyon Breeze: Bond with other birdwatchers around a community table while listening to live tunes. Call it an early night or unwind in the hot tub after dinner.

Candlelit Yoga: Wrap up the day in a lovely, serene way with candlelit yoga on the resort property. This gentle practice is designed to help you get a good night’s sleep while you unwind your muscles and mind.

Day 2

Walk the Labyrinth: Start your morning with an early solo stroll around the resort’s labyrinth. The spiral path provides a contemplative place to amble about–in other words, a moving meditation.

Zion Day Trip: As spectacular as Red Mountain Resort is, you’d be remiss to skip a visit to iconic Zion National Park just an hour away. Go with knowledgeable local guides on an all-day tour through the canyon and marvel at the towering cliff, lush landscape, and rich geologic and human history.

Live Music and Dinner at Canyon Breeze: Share your day’s Zion adventure around a community table while listening to live tunes or enjoy some quiet reflection on your own. Unwind and relax with a hot tub soak before drifting off to sleep.

The Healthy Lifestyler

Take a hike in the morning before enjoying the spa’s amenities for the rest of the day. – Red Mountain Resort

Craving some serious you-time? This inward-focusing itinerary is just for you. A hybrid of yoga sessions, spa treatments, and plenty of healthy cuisine and relaxation, Red Mountain Resort’s wellness-centric packages are sure to help you feel less stressed and more serene. Plus, you’ll learn how to maintain those healthy habits when you return home. Namaste!

Day 1


Daily Guided Hike or Walk: Re-center yourself with a guided trek through the otherworldly red rock landscape surrounding the resort. Choose from two difficulty levels or opt for an educational walk and bond with your fellow hikers.

Yoga, Meditation, and Chakra Balancing: Retreat packages at Red Mountain Resort include many, yoga, meditation, and stretch classes. This is a great opportunity to focus on your practice multiple times a day, which can have many benefits for your relaxation and state of mind. Try Yoga Flow for a traditional experience or Yoga MELT Fusion to meld asanas with flexibility-boosting poses.

With your mind clear, it’s time to focus on your internal chi, or energy flow. Re-balance your energy centers, also called chakras, to improve your mood and well-being with a 45-minute, hands-off session.


Meditation: Your personal journey continues with a guided meditation session that helps you feel clear and focused while reducing stress. Learn tools and techniques that will help you further your practice moving forward.

Despacho Fire Ceremony: Let Red Mountain’s shamanic energy medicine practitioners guide you through this Peruvian ritual in which you create a prayer bundle and offer it to the fire for gratitude and transformation.

Live Music & Dinner at Canyon Breeze: Whether you love dining with friends, gathering at the community table, or flying solo, Red Mountain’s incredible, healthy cuisine is a fitting finish to the day.

Day 2


Yoga in Snow Canyon: Kick off the day with a calm mind and strong body thanks to an a.m. yoga session in Snow Canyon State Park. In this setting of red rock and blue skies, there’s no better place to reconnect with nature and yourself.

Mindful Hike: Combine the challenge of recreation with meditation and stress-reducing techniques on this guided hike that takes you into the wild. You’ll focus on your emotions, needs, and struggles in a healing manner all while striving to enjoy the present moment.


Spa Treatment, Downtime as Needed: Rejuvenate your body at the Sagestone Spa with its signature Red Mountain Revitalizer treatment. It begins with a sugar scrub followed by a full- body massage underneath a luxurious Vichy shower. Then get a cleansing scalp massage and deep cleaning and conditioning treatment.

Live Music and Dinner at Canyon Breeze: Enjoy the exquisite freedom of a solo meal. With no one to worry about besides yourself, you can be mindful of your food, savor each bite, and enjoy the pleasure of your own company. Call it an early night, and try a meditation routine before bed.

It may only be two or three days, but a weekend getaway can do wonders for your health, well-being, and overall state of mind. No matter how you decide to spend your time—crushing it or chilling out—a trip to Red Mountain Resort will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to head back to your regular routine, but feeling like a whole new you.

Written by Jenny Willden for Matcha in partnership with Red Mountain Resort.