Understanding and Connecting with Your Pet


Understanding and Connecting with Your Pet
by Leslie Cirinesi

Join guest presenter Leslie Cirinesi September 27-29 for a series of presentations on her life as an animal communicator, and learn how to better understand your own pets. Visit our Event Calendar for activity details.

What exactly is an animal communicator? Think of me like a real-life Dr. Dolittle.

I always thought I knew what my childhood pet, a Basset Hound named Sam, was thinking and feeling. My family told me it was just my imagination, so I shut out this intuitive ability for 45 years. Who do I credit the re-discovery to? Oddly enough, a famous grizzly bear named Brutus. 

Brutus resides at Montana Grizzly Encounter, a rescue and education sanctuary in Bozeman. He is known for appearances in National Geographic’s “America the Wild with Casey Anderson” and Hollywood movies as well as short films on bear awareness and safety for Yellowstone National Park.

Several years ago, I traveled to Bozeman to give Brutus and the four other grizzly bears living at the sanctuary reiki therapy. But while working with the first three bears, I realized that they were communicating with me by sending me pictures, thoughts, and emotions. Brutus was the most talkative and barraged me with all kinds of information that there was no way I could have known otherwise. The sanctuary director validated all of the messages that I received from the bears as being correct.

Since then, I travel to Montana often to work with the grizzlies as their official reiki master and animal communicator. I’m even building a house four miles away from the sanctuary!

A short time later, I discovered that I don’t need to be face-to-face with animals to connect to them. I could just as easily communicate with the grizzly bears from my home in Michigan as I could standing right in front of them. All I need is a photo of the animal (it can even be on a smartphone).

I have also learned that I can communicate with animals who have already passed over into spirit. It is truly no different to me than if they were alive and directly in front of me.

I communicate with wild as well as domestic animals, and I can connect to any species. Most of my clients have dogs, cats, and horses, but I have communicated with many different animals from all over the world through my work with zoos.

My presentations at Red Mountain will explain what an animal communicator is, how I am able to connect with animals, how it all started, and why Brutus changed my life forever. I’ll also share tips and techniques on how you can understand your own animals better. Lastly, you can learn about holistic and alternative therapies for your pets, such as reiki, essential oils, and animal communication.

So often I hear my clients say, “If I only knew what my pet was thinking!” This is where an animal communicator like me can be invaluable.

If your pet is upset or in pain, would you know it? Even if you can tell from their behavior that something is wrong, would you know what that something is? Consider that many animals will go to extreme measures to hide an injury or sickness. While I’m not a veterinarian and can’t make a diagnosis, I can feel what your pet is feeling and relay that valuable information to you.

I can help you achieve a better understanding of your pets, live more harmoniously with them, or learn what they’re thinking and how to help them. If you love animals, you will gain something from any of my presentations.

About Leslie Cirinesi

Leslie Cirinesi is a Michigan-based reiki master and teacher, and animal communicator. She volunteers at the Detroit Zoo and with many animal rescue organizations, and uses her intuitive abilities to conduct communication sessions with clients around the world.