Transforming Loss - A Healing Process

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Transforming Loss - A Healing Process

Now a 4 day retreat

Many know the healing that can happen in nature. Judith Burdick, a highly regarded licensed psychotherapist, speaker and award winning filmmaker has created the Transforming Loss - A Healing Process™ 4 Day Retreat, to help those who have experienced the devastating loss of a loved one. This will be a truly meaningful and restorative weekend workshop for individuals as they connect with others who have also experienced the unique challenges connected to the loss of a loved one in a safe, nurturing and beautiful environment. You will find the balance needed to heal with the guidance and expertise provided by Judith Burdick. A grief survivor herself, Judith began her journey in understanding grief and loss when, at age 31, with two small children, her husband of 10 years was killed in a scuba diving accident. Judith knew it was not enough for her to white knuckle it and survive. She needed to do something meaningful that helped her thrive and grow through her loss.

“Red Mountain played a vital role in my healing process. I always knew that one day I would do something to give back. And here it is.” 
—Judith Burdick

This 5 day 4 night retreat will include Private Group Sessions with Judith Burdick, private group hiking each morning geared to health and self care. You will connect in a sacred and safe environment. There will be small group processing, and healing through health promoting activities, along with the other components of our Essential Retreat package.

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