Transformational Life Coaching with Blake Cason

Supportive environment using effective, evidence-based tools and techniques

Transformational Life Coaching with Blake Cason

Overwhelmed. Anxious. Burned Out. These words and feelings are too frequently part of our now too-busy lives. Yet, there seems to be no sign of slowing the constant of change that is responsible for these feelings. And if you are experiencing burnout, or a desire to change your life and need guidance, when at Red Mountain, you'll want to look up Blake Cason MS, PCC, RYT-200, and experience Transformational Life Coaching. Cason describes herself as a “smile-out-loud kind of woman”. When she is not rock climbing, she is supporting others in climbing their own mountains of personal growth and mindfulness as a wellness and life coach for individuals, groups, and businesses. During her graduate work in Health Promotion and Education, Blake worked as a lifestyle coach in CDA's Diabetes Prevention Program. She took this experience into college nutrition before branching out with her own private wellness coaching practice, Pivot Wellness. Habit, mindfulness, sustainable behavior change, and what she calls “work/play balance” are the cornerstones of her approach.

As an ICF Professional Life Coach, with 15 years of experience, Blake is highly skilled and knowledgeable, while staying relatable and practical, first and foremost. She has taken her years of cross-cultural, multidimensional wellness and life coaching deeper into evidence-based tools, techniques, and paradigms for helping people cultivate sustainable happiness and health. Individuals, businesses, and everything in between come to her for her ability to strengthen teams, families, and people toward their highest potential. Her primary goal is empowerment and self-awareness, believing the rest can be learned and adapted along the way.

Transformational Life Coaching is provided in a supportive environment using effective, evidence-based tools and techniques. If you are tired of the burn-out and ready to take your life to a new level of wellness and thriving, this approach, guided by compassion, support and challenge will provide you with the resources to continue building on the coaching experience once at home. Transformational Life Coaching is available as a one-hour session for $170.

You will also find Cason teaching Yoga classes and leading weekly fireside chats named “Savoring Together” where you can share your profound and joyful moments from your Red Mountain experience.