Tools for Energetic Spring Cleaning


Tools for Energetic Spring Cleaning
by Brittney Marie, Shamanic Practitioner

Did you know energy hygiene is a thing?

We’re taught to clean our physical spaces and practice personal hygiene but rarely do we learn skills to keep our energy clean and clear. Spring is a wonderful time to check in and spruce up both your physical and energetic spaces to nurture regeneration and nourish the new. In a similar way that you identify clutter in your physical life, you can explore the inner spaces that will benefit from some loving attention.

To support your spring cleaning, here are some easy tools you can call on during springtime, or anytime you need to freshen up your life.


Smudging is an ancient practice that involves the burning of herbs to cleanse and purify your body, land, or a physical space. Burning sage, in particular, is a wonderful way to clear out heavy, stale, or stagnant energy and reset your living or work space.

• Begin by opening a sacred space in whatever way you feel is appropriate. This can be a simple prayer, calling in the directions, or stating your intention for the work.

• Open as many doors and windows as possible. This is a critical step overlooked by many; you want to give all the old energy a path to exit.

• Using a fireproof bowl, light the dried sage or smudge stick. With a feather, your hand, or your breath, move through the space using the herbal smoke to cleanse each room.

• The smudge removes all the energy in the space, so you’ll want to infuse the fresh space with the energies you want to experience. This can be done by lighting incense, diffusing essential oils, or visualization of light entering.

• Once complete, close the sacred space and enjoy revitalized energy!

Stones for springtime

On a physical level, spring is the time best suited for cleansing the liver, the main detox organ in the body. Just as the liver secretes greenish bile, many green-hued stones support physical detoxification and illuminate thought patterns, habits, emotions, or relationships that create congestion and a sense of heaviness in our life. Working with a stone is as simple as holding it in your hand, including it in your meditation practice, sleeping with it, or placing it on a specific area of the body or in your physical space. A few detox stones to get to know:

Green Tourmaline is known in Chinese medicine to be the most detoxifying stone on the planet. It builds the life force of the heart by supporting the liver and all tissues within the body to be detoxed. It is known to cultivate harmony within relationships due to its ability to release poisons of all varieties.  

Healerite is wonderful for people who tend to give too much to others and begin to feel depleted. Just as the spring season brings new growth to the trees, healerite nourishes and replenishes the energy of the heart. It is wonderfully supportive of the body, mind, and spirit.

Green Aventurine targets areas of stagnation and blockage. It is beneficial for overall detoxification of the lungs, liver, and kidneys. It can nourish the skin and assist with soothing and cooling emotions, like anger, that tend to surface when we detox the liver. It also helps break up phlegm and sinus congestion, common with spring allergies.

Don’t forget!

Eat your greens. It seems simple, but eating fresh, organic, and (whenever possible) locally grown greens is a wonderful way to update your energy system. Plants are fed through light, and they are constantly adapting and adjusting to environmental conditions. When we mindfully consume greens, it’s like giving your physical and energetic body a software update. Dandelion greens, in particular, are among the most potent supports for detoxifying the liver. If you don’t spray your yard with chemicals, you can even harvest and enjoy the leaves of the dandelions growing in your lawn.

One of the best ways to fortify your energetic system is to stay hydrated. Think of your energy field as a sphere that surrounds your physical body. When your body is sufficiently hydrated, your energetic field resembles a grape, and the energies you encounter bounce off your field. When you are dehydrated, your field resembles a raisin, with ample nooks and crannies for the energies of others to cling and attach. Don’t underestimate the power of water to maintain the integrity of your energetic field and repel energies that do not belong to you.

May these simple tools help you usher a new degree of well-being in your life this spring!

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