The Intuitive Way


The Intuitive Way
by Jeanne Mayell

Join guest presenter Jeanne Mayell October 4-6 and expand your intuition by learning to read the tarot as well as mindfulness, tapping, and manifestation techniques. Visit our Event Calendar for activity details.

My work as an intuitive and healer began many years ago with a spiritual transformation. It was one of those life-changing experiences that pulls you out of time and everyday life. For the first time since I was a child, I became aware of a spirit guide speaking to me, a voice as plain as day and clearly coming from a higher realm. I knew my mind was intact, yet there was this wondrous guiding voice telling me we are all loved and showing me a path that was laid out for me. 

Within a few years, I left a successful career in social policy and began a spiritual path of mindful meditation, holistic healing, and intuitive readings. I discovered a gift of intuition that I’d always possessed but never realized how powerful and healing (and real) it was.

Throughout this transformation, I felt divinely guided. I was drawn to the wisdom of ancient people and took up the tarot, which I immediately understood how to use. I found I had a gift for inner seeing and for manifesting whatever I needed.

From the first moment I read the tarot, I felt as though I was channeling a higher wisdom while being showered in light. The same light fills me every time I close my eyes and take a breath. In recent years, I’ve added the teachings of positive psychology to help my clients realize a more optimistic outlook even through stressful times.   

Since my transformation, I’ve given over 15,000 readings combining tarot and pure inner visioning. I have also taught and written about intuition, prophecy, mindfulness, and positive psychology. I especially enjoy awakening others in the same way that I was awakened decades ago.   

I believe we all can benefit from becoming more intuitive. Our intuition is our inner compass. Mindfulness and positive psychology are also important keys to unlocking the doors to happiness and finding our own truth. Positive psychology contains evidence-based practices that will actually change your brain to become lighter, healthier, and happier.

During Introduction to the Tarot, I will show you the essence of using cards to access your intuition in just an hour. Bring a tarot deck with you if you already have one, or you can borrow one of the decks I teach – the Thoth tarot and the Osho Zen.  

Discover the secrets to manifesting the path you want in Willing Your Way. I’ll help you figure out what it is you want for your life and then do some practices to make it happen. I will also demonstrate tapping, which is a fun way to raise your vibration.

In the Mindfulness and Positive Psychology discussion, I will teach you a few relaxing mindful meditations as well as some simple practices to brighten your inner world.

Everything I teach is evidence-based, steeped in ancient traditions, and cloaked in wonder. By learning to be intuitive and seeing the positive possibilities of your life and our world, you will be able to decide your own truths with wisdom. I hope you will join me.

About Jeanne Mayell

Jeanne Mayell is a professional intuitive counselor and author. Holding master’s degrees from Harvard University and Framingham State University, she combines an academic and intellectual perspective with an uncanny intuitive gift. She gives private life readings and teaches classes on tarot, intuitive visioning, positive psychology, and mindfulness – all ways to find inner guidance.