A Time for Gratitude and Reflection


A Time for Gratitude and Reflection

As 2019 comes to a close, Red Mountain Resort offers many opportunities to re-center and reflect. Draw from the wisdom of our Wellness providers and discover powerful tools to move fearlessly into the New Year.

Join us during the holiday season for these special events.  

Honoring Our Bounty Saturday 11/23 & 11/30 at 4:30 pm

We have many things to be grateful for on the journey called life. Join intuitive Carolyn Ford, PhD on a guided meditation to honor your unique, abundant bounty, releasing any beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you and positively manifesting what you desire more of into your life.

Drumming Up Gratitude Saturday 11/23 & 11/30 at 8 pm

Bring your gratitude as you find your unique rhythm in a safe, creative group drum circle led by music therapist Daniel Adams. No experience is required – whether you'd like to explore playing the instruments yourself or just listen, everyone has something to add!

Grateful Hearts HIIT Workout Monday 11/25 & Saturday 11/30 at 3 pm

Be grateful for your heart as it's challenged in this 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class. Using bodyweight and resistance equipment in short, powerful intervals increases caloric burn and will benefit you for several hours after the workout.

Thankful Yoga Monday 11/25 at 8 pm

Enjoy this well-rounded session based on all aspects of the heart. Practice heart-opening poses coupled with back stretches (in yoga, your back is known as your universal side) and folded positions in an effort to open the reverse of the heart. 

Thanksliving Yoga Tuesday 11/26 at 5:30 pm

Radiate gratitude through mindful breathing and the physical practice of heart-opening asanas as gentle, intentional yoga poses increase the light of thankfulness that extends beyond the mat and into our lives.

Journey of Renewal Saturday 12/21 at 4:30 pm

Join Carolyn Ford, PhD on the winter solstice, marking the beginning of the Sun’s rebirth as it lends way for longer periods of darkness. We will honor this time of transition with a guided meditation focusing on renewal, reflection, and regeneration.

Winter Solstice Yoga Saturday 12/21 at 4:30 pm

The winter solstice celebrates the longest night of the year and marks the rebirth of the Sun; a return to innocence. The poses chosen for this class will help you turn inward with intention, slow down, and create the space to breathe. Appreciate this time to allow your body to adapt to the changes taking place in the natural world and let go of what no longer serves you.

Peace-Filled Yoga Monday 12/23 at 8 pm

Breathe deeply while enjoying soothing yoga poses to enhance relaxation and peace. Intentionally give back to your body through gentle stretching and a meaningful, quiet practice.  

Kick-Start 2020 with Cindy Clemens Thursday 12/26 at 8 pm

With the start of a new year comes the promise of a fresh slate, a chance to make changes and course corrections. Instead of making a few hasty resolutions only to break them days later, why not try a different approach? Let life coach Cindy Clemens guide you to create a powerful vision of who you want to be, what you want to do, and the things you want to have in 2020.

Journey of New Beginnings Saturday 12/28 & 1/4 at 4:30 pm

As the New Year beckons, we enter a reflective stage when we look back on 2019 and set our intentions for the next twelve months. Part of this contemplation is a review of both our successes and lessons learned during the past year and a vow to change patterns that might be limiting in the future. During this guided meditation, set an intention for the New Year to be a New You.

Reflection Yoga Monday 12/30 at 8 pm

Self-reflection, encouraged by blending yoga poses, meditation, and a mantra (Gobinda Hari), facilitates a way of looking inward and reminding ourselves that we are powerful creators. Chanting this mantra joins us to the beautiful harvest within and connects us with the energy that created the parts of our lives which manifested throughout the past year. 

Drumming in the New Year Saturday 1/4 at 8 pm

Want your resolutions to finally stick? Turbocharge them with a little creativity! We'll use drums to deeply anchor your intentions in your body for the upcoming year. Come laugh, play, re-commit, and renew! All abilities welcome.

Chinese New Year Yoga Monday 1/20 at 8 pm

This practice incorporates gentle poses that bring mindfulness to the three chakras with the ability to boost your success and happiness in the year to come:

  • Base Chakra (Money and Career Success) - Core energy located at the base of the spine, running into the ground below the feet.
  • Sacral Chakra (Creativity and Relationships) - Feelings located in the lower abdomen; the health of this center affects digestion and fertility.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Confidence and Power) - Connections located just under the rib cage; this center affects your liver, large intestine, and stomach. 

On New Year’s Eve, join us after dinner at Canyon Breeze for live music with the Luke Randall Band. We'll ring in 2020 with your favorite songs from the past decades, and our Master of Ceremonies will give away great prizes. Cap off the night with a champagne toast at 10 pm when the ball drops in Madison Square Garden so you can rise early for a New Year’s Day hike!

Activities are included for resort package guests. See our Event Calendar for details.