Reframe to Change


Reframe to Change
by Brad Crump, DC, Wellness Manager

What will a change in your health, wellness, and weight really take?

Most of us have a similar approach to challenges and problems in life – that if we put in some real effort, results will eventually come. When the desired results don’t happen, we often continue doing the same things, just harder and more obsessively without ever considering changing the framework of our approach. Then we become frustrated and disillusioned. 

Instead, let’s reframe our approach by asking questions about our efforts, listening to what others have done to find success, and continue moving forward. This can take persistence and determination, but we will be happier and more productive. 

Red Mountain Resort consciously makes an effort to reframe the challenges our guests are facing by listening to their individual needs to develop an approach that provides sustainable change. In this spirit, our Wellness team recently revised our already successful weight loss retreat.

We are proud to introduce a couple of exciting additions to the retreat based on welcome feedback from guests as well as our team members who are passionate about what they do.

Coaching Workshop Armed with a personalized program and newfound optimism, the challenge now becomes taking what you’ve learned at Red Mountain home. Get together as a group to share concerns, ask questions, and pick up some helpful tips from our team and other participants.

FaceTime/Skype Session We all want to be part of a team that helps us feel supported. After returning home, check in with a team member who will help you gauge your progress, answer questions, address roadblocks, and even demonstrate new exercises.

Along with these new additions, our redesigned Weight Loss & Living Mindfully Retreat includes:

InBody Composition Assessment Go beyond the scale. It’s crucial to know what makes up your weight; differentiating between muscle, fat, and water allows for appropriate personalized goals and future tracking of positive changes.

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment Have you ever questioned why your weight wasn’t changing when you would eat just once per day? Could it be that you weren’t eating enough? Learn how many calories you should consume to lose fat and avoid depriving your body of needed fuel to ignite your metabolic engine.

Group Orientation Lunch While enjoying a delicious and healthy meal, you will meet with one of our wellness experts to discuss the week ahead and the activities included in the retreat. This is a great time to ask questions and connect with other participants.

Mindful Meal Planning Eliminate obsessive calorie counting and food scales. Learn how to mindfully plan your shopping and meal preparation and develop an effortlessly healthy relationship with food.

Customized Fitness Plan This in-depth training session with one of our fitness experts will help you develop a personalized exercise program you can look forward to continuing at home.

Personal Training Practice makes perfect! As a follow-up to your Customized Fitness Plan, you will meet again with one of our trainers to work out using the exercises you received during your first session.

Mindful Dining Luncheon Receive tools to improve your mindfulness on a daily basis and practice eating mindfully with more awareness and presence, ultimately finding the experience as satisfying as the food itself.

Cardiovascular Workshop This group workshop will show you how to use a heart rate monitor while reinforcing the importance of heart rate training in teaching your body to burn fat.

The Brain-Wellness Connection Learn how to incorporate the science of self-care into all aspects of your life with brain-based tips to regularly recharge your energy.

Closing Lunch Enjoy great food and discuss your week in a group setting. We will assist you with putting it all together in preparation for your return home.

Cooking Demonstration “Eat Well, Feel Well.” This is our nutrition philosophy at Red Mountain. In addition to using the healthiest, highest-quality ingredients available, we educate our guests through cooking classes and demonstrations. As part of your retreat, you will learn easy cooking and meal preparation tips from our expert culinary staff.

These wellness assessments and activities along with the immersive healthy lifestyle experience at Red Mountain can move you beyond the obstacles that once held you back. Let us provide you with an individualized, effective approach toward your healthier future self.

About Brad Crump, DC

Brad Crump, DC is a chiropractic and functional medicine practitioner with specific emphasis on nutrition, management, and prevention of chronic diseases and metabolic conditions, and weight management. Leading the Wellness team at Red Mountain since 1999, he oversees the development and implementation of such programs as the Weight Loss & Living Well Retreat, the Metabolic Booster Retreat, metabolic testing, foot and gait analysis, and specialized exercise and nutrition services in addition to hosting weekly lectures.