Red Mountain Introduces Intuitive Astrology and Oracle Readings

New Personal Discovery Offerings with Carolyn Ford, PhD

Red Mountain Introduces Intuitive Astrology and Oracle Readings

We are excited to welcome Carolyn Ford, PhD to our team of wellness experts at Red Mountain Resort.  

Carolyn holds degrees in psychology and sociology, as well as a master’s in parapsychology and indigenous studies and a doctorate in esoteric and indigenous studies. She works intuitively with many modalities including tarot, crystals, chakra energy and auras, intuitive astrology, and divination to help others form a deeper connection to their authentic self.

She brings two new activities to our core programming, as well as private sessions:

Intuitive Astrology sessions provide insight into your life journey and purpose using the ancient astrological tool of a natal chart. Your own unique chart, based on your birthdate, birthplace, and time of birth, incorporates the celestial patterns that reveal information about your sun sign, rising sign, and the journey through the phases of your life. Keep your chart as a tool to guide you on your path. $200 for a 60-minute session.

Oracle Readings offer a deeper understanding of your current life path and provide insight into the next phase of your sacred journey. Various divination tools are used based upon your specific needs, including tarot cards, numerology, pendulums, and palmistry. $100 for a 50-minute session.

Journey With the Ancestors (4:30 pm Saturday, Paradise Point Patio) is an interactive guided mediation that offers a brief history of those who called this sacred land home, as well as an invitation for you to look deep inside yourself and access the power that dwells within. Complimentary for guests on retreat packages.

Energy Medicine (1:30 pm Sunday, Bryce Canyon Room) introduces the inner workings and incredible colors of your aura and how energy flows throughout your physical body and beyond. Learn how becoming more aware of your energy field can be valuable for creating balance in all areas in your life–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Complimentary for guests on retreat packages.

A native of Missouri, Carolyn felt the call of the metaphysical arts even at a young age. She believes that spiritual growth represents a lifelong commitment to self.

Carolyn recently relocated to southwestern Utah from Sedona, Arizona, where she worked at Mii Amo Spa and owned the College of Metaphysical Studies. “This land speaks to me,” she says. “These beautiful lava fields are grounding for us, anchoring us into the earth. We have the red rocks of spiritual ascension. And if you look very closely inside your own heart, you’ll feel the drumbeat as well.”

To book a session or learn more about our personal discovery offerings, please call the Reservations office at 877-246-4453.