Progress, Not Perfection


Progress, Not Perfection
by Patty Hendry

Join guest presenter Patty Hendry December 24-29 for a group discussion on wellness and numerous fitness classes. Visit our Event Calendar for activity details.

For as long as I can remember, exercise has been an important part of my life. But it has taken me many years to come to the realization that exercise is just one component of fitness, and that the ultimate goal is wellness. While fitness focuses on physical health, wellness encapsulates your entire life.

I have been a certified group fitness instructor for over 25 years and a certified personal trainer for 12 years. Prior to becoming professional, I was the definition of a gym rat – I skipped from health spas and fitness centers to Jane Fonda and Denise Austin workouts, then back to athletic clubs and gyms and tried just about every exercise gimmick known! Throughout these years, I have gained knowledge and experience that continues to guide me on my journey towards wellness.

I have been coming to Red Mountain Resort as a guest instructor since 2006. My interactions with the guests and wellness staff here have provided me with some of the best aha moments of this journey. Having technical and scientific skills helps me as a fitness professional. Life experiences and interactions with others on their journeys have brought out the passion I have for wellness and my desire to guide.

Each year, I look forward to being at my home away from home. My goal is to provide safe and effective classes with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as the staff at Red Mountain. I want you to leave my classes with a feeling of accomplishment and motivation; a desire to continue.

I enjoy being able to engage with guests at lunch and during Share Your Wellness Journey. This group discussion provides you the opportunity to share your own journey in wellness and fitness with other guests. The goal is for everyone to learn from one another. I guide the conversation and also ensure accuracy with suggestions and advice.

In my fitness classes, I reference “how to make it real back home” and this often leads to longer and more meaningful discussions after class, at meals, or on hikes. Very often, I offer to take a walk or hike or share a workout in the Wellness Center with guests who are looking for these types of options.

I want to lead by example. I am as real as can be about my own challenges: chronic medical condition, replaced knee, sweet tooth, work-life balance, my age, and so on. My hope is to help you reflect and acknowledge that “progress, not perfection” can become a motto to live by!

About Patty Hendry

Patty Hendry is certified in numerous exercise specialties and by the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, National Exercise Trainers Association, and YMCA. She has completed several marathons and trained other runners. In addition to her knowledge and experience in fitness, she holds a master’s degree in health services administration.