Packing Smart for Your Red Mountain Retreat

Must-Read Tips to Prepare for Your Adventure

Packing Smart for Your Red Mountain Retreat
by Marcia Miller, Guest Presenter

Your long-awaited trip to Red Mountain Resort is just around the corner. Whether you’re coming for a weekend getaway or an extended retreat, you don’t have to overthink packing thanks to our amenities and casual atmosphere. Make sure you have everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to make your adventure unforgettable!

Stay hydrated. We’ll get you started with a day pack and bottle at check-in. But water alone isn’t always enough, especially if you plan on being active. Electrolyte supplements give your body an extra boost of much-needed minerals. With dry air and warm temperatures, your skin can also become dehydrated, so bring lip balm and a good moisturizer.

Get sun-kissed, not sunburned. The St. George area enjoys an average of 300 sunny days each year. Sunglasses and a good hat will protect you when it’s gloriously clear and bright. Don’t be afraid of sunscreen – the spa can fix clogged pores more easily than skin damage.

Casual is the name of the game. Most guests stay in their active wear as they go about their day, so don’t worry about being underdressed anywhere or anytime. Just a pair of casual pants and a clean top are fine for dinner. You may even see people in their robes after returning from a spa appointment. That’s also perfectly okay!

Protect your feet. If you arrive to hike in sandals, you will be asked to return with appropriate closed-toe trail or athletic shoes. Grab a few extra laundry bags to cover dusty shoes in your suitcase.

Bring less. There are complimentary laundry facilities in each Deluxe building and scattered throughout the Villas. Wash your workout or hiking clothes a snap and travel light. I love that option!

Forgot something? Don’t worry. From hydration packs and yoga pants to blister balm and snacks, you’ll find anything you need at the Outfitters store. Plus, they have cute things. I never seem to leave without adding a new purchase to my suitcase.  

Pack a good attitude. There are many opportunities to explore new ideas, try new behaviors, learn new skills, expand your mind, and open your heart. I hope Red Mountain will become your “happy place,” as it has for me. I have seen wonderful things happen for people here.

The beauty of the Red Mountain experience is the freedom to do whatever YOU want. You can exercise your body in a fitness class or exercise your brain with a crossword puzzle while lying in a hammock. You can attend a lecture or walk the labyrinth and tend to your spirit. It’s your time. Use it to feed your needs.

About Marcia Miller

With more than 70 countries stamped in her passport, hundreds of thousands of miles flown, and countless clients served, Marcia is an authority on the unique needs of female travelers. Her presentations on health, beauty, and packing will turn you into a safer, more confident globe-trotter. Join her March 19-20 and makeover your travel life.

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