Mindful Knitting for Creative Expression


Mindful Knitting for Creative Expression
by Jessica Meyrowitz

Join guest presenter Jessica Meyrowitz October 11-12 and feed your creativity while enjoying the mindful benefits of knitting. Visit our Event Calendar for activity details.

Would you like to add more creativity to your life? Do you want to learn to knit? Are you an advanced knitter looking to try new methods? Join me to experience the benefits of knitting – be mindful and expressive, socialize, have fun, and leave with a new skill and a scarf! 

It was the first week of January 2016 and I heard about a knitting class that was being taught by my yoga instructor. She was teaching a four-week course on the basics of knitting, emphasizing the meditative qualities and mindfulness that knitting provides. 

I had never knit before but I have always been drawn to creative activities – painting, ceramics, needlepoint, candle making, jewelry making, etc. – so I eagerly signed up for the course. To say that I loved the class is an understatement; I enjoyed both the process of knitting as well as the finished works that I was creating with my newly acquired skills.

One day, during an Internet search looking for knitting ideas, I came across the topic of extreme knitting and I was hooked! I loved the look of items that had been knit using this technique, done with large needles and oversize yarn. I decided to give extreme knitting a try and began creating throws for family and friends using larger needles and oversize, 100% merino wool yarn. 

The response to the blankets that I was gifting was so positive that I decided to turn my passion into a business and started It’s a…Yummy. My company is now a provider of yarn and hand-knit products which includes throws, baby blankets, pillows, wraps, hats, scarves, and belts as well as DIY knitting kits.

As the company began to grow, I needed more knitters to help create my handmade products. I began teaching local moms in my town how to knit so they could help me produce my Yummy products. My knitters would tell me how much they loved knitting and were so thankful that I introduced them to this creative outlet. 

I was filled with such happiness knowing that sharing my craft was bringing such joy to someone else. This is when I knew I had an opportunity to expand It’s a…Yummy into the wellness community and I created Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops. 

Knitting is inherently mindful, meditative, and creative. The act of knitting calms the mind and focuses your thoughts. I take knitting a step further by incorporating simple and quick tips to enhance the mindfulness of your knitting as well as your everyday life. My workshops have become a hot new trend in the wellness community, and I teach at destination spas and resorts all across the country.

I am thrilled to be at Red Mountain Resort and hope you will join me for one of my Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops! This workshop is appropriate for all ages and experience levels. You’ll learn how to knit a mini scarf using It’s a…Yummy’s yarn and oversize needles. 

At the end of the hour, you will have learned a skill and will be leaving with your very own Yummy creation – not to mention feeling accomplished, centered, and more focused!

About Jessica Meyrowitz

Jessica Meyrowitz is a knitter, designer, and the founder of It’s a…Yummy. Based in Chappaqua, New York, her company creates unique products using a custom-made, oversize 100% merino wool yarn. She believes beauty is in the details and ensures each hand-knit piece is a beautiful and usable work of art.