Jumpstart Your Weight Management Journey at Red Mountain Resort


Jumpstart Your Weight Management Journey at Red Mountain Resort
by Brad Crump, DC, Wellness Manager

For anyone seeking to lose weight, there is certainly no shortage of available opinions and information. In fact, it’s all readily available with a few quick strokes of the keyboard or by simply saying, “Hey Siri, how do I lose weight?” The real challenge is weeding through the glut of choices, all of which seem to contradict each other. It becomes very frustrating and can lead to paralysis by analysis. 

There are many reasons why you may want to lose weight. Chief among them is a desire to look better in your clothes and also to feel your best, maintain your health, and avoid some of the very preventable conditions of aging. Perhaps you’ve attempted – numerous times – to reach those goals only to become irritated by the lack of results and the time, effort, and money that you invested in the process.

Sound familiar? It’s estimated that Americans spend $60 billion per year on weight-loss programs, food delivery services, gym memberships, and medical costs trying to achieve that elusive pant size. Over the last five years, approximately 61% of Americans have set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and 38% of those have set the same goal every year for five years. There’s a better chance than not that you are one of those frustrated individuals.

So what is the reason (or reasons) behind your inability to achieve a healthy state where you feel your best physically and emotionally? Where should you begin? What is the right information for you? 

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius said that we learn in three ways: reflection, imitation, and experience. I would suggest that you consider the first, reflection. Take a moment to look back on what you have done previously and ask some honest questions, permitting yourself to be alright with the answers.

  • What changes or results did I see? 
  • Were those results or lifestyle changes sustainable and realistic?
  • How did I feel physically and emotionally? Did I have the energy I wanted or needed? Was I obsessively weighing myself, seemingly on a “scale roller coaster”?
  • Was I always hungry? Craving sugar, carbohydrates, or other less healthy choices? Did I feel physically and emotionally deprived by my food choices? 
  • Did I feel defined by the number I saw on the scale? Did I allow myself to feel judged?

Reflecting with honesty and lack of judgment will allow you to clearly and mindfully assess what worked or didn't work, and help you set a new path to achieving your personal goals.

In my experience, there are several predictable obstacles that people mention when expressing their frustrating attempts at weight management:

Time. It can be a challenge to fit more into our full lives. But I do feel that we all tend to make time for the things we deem priorities. So how do we make our exercise and nutrition a priority?

Lack of information or contradictory recommendations. This is frustrating for everyone. Which nutrition plan is right for me? How many calories should I be eating? Should I do intermittent fasting? Try the paleo or ketogenic diets or go vegan?

Where to start? Should I meet with a personal trainer? If so, what should I look for in a trainer? What information do I need to set realistic goals? How can I track if I am achieving healthy and sustainable weight loss?

With consistent feedback from those we have worked with, the wellness team at Red Mountain has developed a comprehensive, personalized, and time-sensitive way to address these very common challenges. Rev up your metabolic engine and build a sustainable lifestyle plan that will lead to feeling your best physically and emotionally as well as helping ward off conditions that can compromise your health and happiness.

The Metabolic Booster Retreat is a great option for those who have participated in our seven-night Weight Loss & Living Well Retreat and are interested in reassessing their body composition and reviewing the positive lifestyle changes they’ve already achieved. It’s also beneficial for those looking for a personalized assessment similar to what we offer in the week-long retreat, just consolidated into a four-day, three-night package.   

Our experienced and qualified team of health and wellness professionals will help you develop a personalized, mindful approach to effective weight management by assisting you in organizing your time and efforts and providing you with personalized information. The retreat includes:

InBody Composition Assessment Go beyond the standard scale. It’s crucial to know what makes up your weight; differentiating between muscle, fat, and water allows for appropriate personalized goals and future tracking of positive changes.

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment Have you ever questioned why your weight wasn’t changing when you would eat just once per day? Could it be that you weren’t eating enough? Learn how many calories you should consume to lose fat and avoid depriving your body of needed fuel to ignite your metabolic engine.

Mindful Meal Planning Eliminate obsessive calorie counting and food scales. Learn how to mindfully plan your shopping and meal preparation and develop an effortlessly healthy relationship with food.

Customized Fitness Plan This in-depth training session with one of our fitness experts will help you develop a personalized exercise program you can look forward to continuing at home.

Mindful Dining Luncheon Receive tools to improve your mindfulness every day and practice eating mindfully, with more awareness and presence, ultimately finding the experience as satisfying as the food itself.

Cardiovascular Workshop This group workshop will show you how to use a heart rate monitor while reinforcing the importance of heart rate training in teaching your body to burn fat.

Combined, these wellness assessments and activities in our retreat along with the immersive healthy lifestyle experience at Red Mountain can move you beyond the obstacles that once held you back. Let us provide you with an individualized, effective approach toward your healthier future self.

About Brad Crump, DC

Brad Crump, DC is a chiropractic and functional medicine practitioner with specific emphasis on nutrition, management and prevention of chronic diseases and metabolic conditions, and weight management. Leading the Wellness team at Red Mountain since 1999, he oversees the development and implementation of such programs as the Weight Loss & Living Well Retreat, the Metabolic Booster Retreat, metabolic testing, foot and gait analysis, and specialized exercise and nutrition services in addition to hosting weekly lectures.