Different Paths, Same Journey: Meet Our Intuitives


Different Paths, Same Journey: Meet Our Intuitives

The personal discovery practitioners at Red Mountain Resort draw from ancient wisdom to provide you with new perspectives. Access your inner resources as you continue on your quest to strengthen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

Brittney Marie, Shamanic Energy Provider

Offerings: shamanic energy healing, sound baths, a walking meditation in our labyrinth, a presentation on Stillness in Motion, fire ceremonies, and corporate and social group presentations.

As a modern medicine woman, I weave together the healing arts of shamanism, Taoist stone medicine, and sound healing. My practice is sourced from my own healing journey, initiated by the sudden death of my husband, and the wisdom of ancient traditions that teach us how to transform pain into light and life force.

I believe healing is a path of remembering and returning home to the brilliance and strength of who we are at our core, beneath the layers of story, beliefs, and the traumas we experience. 

I joined Red Mountain three years ago, following my travels to visit sacred sites and many beautiful places throughout the West to discover where I was called to live. There is a majesty and mystery to the red rock and lava desert – the petroglyphs, the whispers of the ancestors, and being surrounded by the element of fire make this a potent place for energy and healing work. 

My journey has taught me that as individuals return to a state of wholeness and love, the full power of creation becomes available and everything is possible. I consider it an honor to walk with you on your own path.

Specialties and certifications: Brittney Marie is trained in shamanic energy medicine, Chinese stone and crystal medicine, sacred geometry, and sonic alchemy. Journeying to the mountains of Peru, she received the sacred rites and initiations of the Q’ero lineage.

Carolyn Ford, PhD, Intuitive

Offerings: intuitive astrology, oracle card readings, a lecture on energy medicine, corporate and social group presentations, and Journey with the Ancestors, a guided meditation experience.

Perhaps you have reached that pivotal point in your life where you aim to go deeper inside yourself, to take that sacred journey into your soul realm and dare to ask the question, “what next?” If this juncture of self-discovery is where you find yourself, I would be honored to be a part of your quest. 

Just like you, I came to this crossroad many years ago. It began my lifelong pursuit to become both teacher and student. I achieved a PhD in indigenous and esoteric studies to deepen my knowledge as a seeker and grow my skills as a practitioner.

I work intuitively with many modalities to help you form a deeper connection to your authentic self. I use oracle cards to help guide you to the questions buried deep in your heart. I often incorporate other divination tools, such as pendulums, numerology, intuitive astrology, and chakras, to assist you in going even deeper into your personal journey.

I believe that spiritual growth represents a lasting commitment to self. Come with me as we walk the sacred journey of your life.

Specialties and certifications: Carolyn holds degrees in psychology and sociology as well as a master’s in parapsychology and indigenous studies and a doctorate in esoteric and indigenous studies. She works intuitively with many modalities including tarot, crystals, chakra energy and auras, astrology, and divination.  

Betina Lindsey, Shaman Spirit Guide

Offerings: shamanic energy healing, fire ceremonies, a presentation on intuition, and the Sacred Sisterhood group retreat.

“The shaman opens the door to spiritual healing and we can choose to walk through.” These were my teacher’s words about this ancient method of spiritual practice when I was an archaeology student in Mexico in the 1960s. I have studied this nature-centric holistic approach ever since, learning from indigenous healers from around the world. It can help you as it has helped me.

Through energy work using sound and divination tools, I will guide you to see your emotional patterns and realign them. In a very personalized reading of beautiful images, we first intuit how firmly you are connected to your own path (purpose, passion, and possibilities).

I work to clear and align the luminous energy field as well as the chakras using sacred stones and fragrant waters, adding the sounds of rattles, crystal bowls, and bells to bring peace within. Sound is intensely spiritual and soothes the soul. The result is a feeling of warmth and striking clarity.

Just experience it; the beauty is too transformative to describe in words. Discover illuminating insights, tangible healing, and the chance to see the many faces of Spirit.

Specialties and certifications: Betina is an author, Level VI graduate of the Training in Power Academy, and founder of the Zion Canyon Native Flute School. She has studied the Andean, Mayan, and Native American spiritual arts for more than 20 years.

Each one-on-one session with a gifted shaman or intuitive in the healing environment of Red Mountain is as unique as the moment in which it occurs. Are you ready to explore the possibilities our Personal Discovery offerings hold?