Makeover Your Travel Life with Marcia Miller (Guest Presenter Mar. 19-20)


Makeover Your Travel Life with Marcia Miller (Guest Presenter Mar. 19-20)

Going away for a weekend or a year, traveling alone or in a group – be prepared to change the way you travel with expert tips from Marcia Miller.

Marcia encourages women to “find their tribe” by joining a group of like-minded travelers, or creating one. She has brought her own tribe to Red Mountain for a spring retreat the past eight years. This will be her third time sharing her sage advice as a guest presenter.    

“I love introducing people to places I love,” she says. “I find repeat visits to be especially rewarding. After a second or third trip, you begin to know the soul of a place.”

With more than 70 countries stamped in her passport, hundreds of thousands of miles flown, and countless clients served, Marcia is an authority on the unique needs of the female traveler. A certified travel counselor, she founded You Go Girls! Travel in 1999 to connect women who want to see the world safely and in the company of other intelligent and interesting sisters of the road. She fell in love with travel in her youth while studying abroad in Mexico and Austria.

“Travel broadens your view of life and makes you more interesting,” she says. “The more you experience, the more you have to give to others.”

More than anything, Marcia seeks to inspire the confidence to “just get out there.” Travel keeps the mind and body active, and the spirit free. Because the world is full of opportunities for all interests and budgets, every destination has something to offer if you have your eyes and heart open.

Event Schedule

Tuesday, March 19

Lunch with Marcia Miller

Join Marcia for lunch at the community table and learn about her upcoming presentations that will change the way you travel!

Makeover Your Travel Life

Marcia’s health and beauty tips will turn you into a safe, confident, and attractive globe-trotter. This workshop will answer your questions and solve your travel dilemmas, from choosing a handbag to softening the sometimes-rough return home from a vacation and everything in between.

Wednesday, March 20

Pack It In

Marcia will share her system to have you packed and out the door with everything you need to be a well-dressed traveler. Whether you’re going on a safari, a cruise, a spa retreat, or a road trip, just follow her easy worksheet for hassle-free vacations on the horizon.

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