Looking for an Off-Season Getaway to Remember? Visit This Resort in the Red Rock Deserts of Utah

Surrounded by some of Utah’s most striking scenery

Looking for an Off-Season Getaway to Remember? Visit This Resort in the Red Rock Deserts of Utah

Instead of a winter beach vacation or trip to a ski resort, mix up your off-season plans with a luxurious getaway to southwestern Utah’s Red Mountain Resort. Founded in 1998, Red Mountain Resort is a top-ranked retreat with a stunning location tucked amid spectacular red desert cliffs that make it a hotspot for adventure seekers. Fitness and outdoor enthusiasts flock here for hiking, biking, and yoga in this beautiful landscape, but wellness enthusiasts will also find much to love thanks to the award-winning spa and diverse class offerings.

Located in St. George, Utah, Red Mountain Resort pairs its natural desert setting with robust health, wellness, and outdoor offerings year round. And while the resort sees its largest visitation in spring and fall, summer and winter are spectacular times for visiting to do the same adventures—without quite as many people.

Beginning this fall, Red Mountain kicks off its 20th anniversary season with the opening of a brand-new Guest Services Pavilion and exciting new offerings: an alpine hike ideal for summer weather, restorative spa treatments, and fresh fitness classes. Plan a summer or winter visit to try these new offerings, escape typical tourist crowds, find solitude, and enjoy an affordable getaway in a one-of-a-kind destination.

Kid-Free Vacations

Kid-free vacationing means a more relaxing time at the pool.

Red Mountain is designed with adults in mind and allows only children 12 and older to participate in resort activities. Thanks to this policy, those desiring a chill, child-free retreat will find it at this resort, even during summer and holiday breaks when other destinations are packed with families and kids. Whether you don’t have children or are just looking for a break from your own, Red Mountain Resort offers experiences catered for grown-ups seeking relaxation and restoration, or those who just want to go to the pool without getting in a water fight.

Solitude and Space to Zen Out

Hate crowded swimming pools and busy spas? Red Mountain’s off-season is for you. You’ll have no trouble finding an open pool chair or a hammock to lounge in, and you will often have your pick of spa treatment times. (Not to mention getting the whole spa waiting room to yourself.) Winter and summer are excellent times to come if you’re looking for a little R&R or need a solo trip to focus on you. Sure, there’s a community table if you want some company at mealtime, but traveling alone is a great way to get in touch with your wants and needs and seek restoration when feeling frazzled.

Plus, Red Mountain offers its wellness workshops and treatments even during slower times of the year. Try new wellness and personal discovery acts like learning how to meditate or taking part in a Peruvian fire ceremony.

Healthy eating is on the docket, too, and all your meals are included at the resort—whether you come in the full-priced high season or on a budget in summer or winter. Enjoy healthy buffet breakfasts and lunches at Canyon Breeze Restaurant, and an ever-changing dinner menu that’s fit for any dietary restrictions.

Uncrowded Hiking Trails

Hiking is one of the region’s most popular activities, and you’ll often have the trails to yourself during an off-season visit.

Due to St. George’s summer heat, neighboring Snow Canyon State Park isn’t very busy during Red Mountain Resort’s off-season. Book your trip and join in on the resort’s complimentary daily morning hikes before the heat of the day sets in. You’ll have the red rock terrain nearly all to yourself.

If you can’t take the desert temperatures, join in on the all-new Alpine Adventuresummer hiking excursion. You’ll venture up into the Pine Valley Mountains at 6,900 feet above sea level to hike through shady Ponderosa Pine and oak forest. Surrounded by 10,000-foot timber-covered mountain peaks, this all-day trek amidst cool mountain air is one epic way to spend a summer day. Choose from a relatively easy entry-level route or take on a harder trail with a group looking for more of a challenge.

Unfortunately for summer visitors, this season is one of the busiest for Zion and Bryce National Parks, but going on a tour there with Red Mountain Resort skips the permitting and long waits of regular visitors and get straight to your adventures. If you prefer fewer folks around, book during early winter to see Zion and Bryce’s epic red rocks capped in fluffy snow.

Affordable Weekend Getaways

Skip sleeping in hot tents on summer nights or getting snowed in at a mountain cabin, and head to southwestern Utah for an unforgettable weekend of hiking, biking, yoga, fitness, and gourmet cuisine—without having to plan a thing. (Except which spa treatments you’re getting, of course.)

There’s plenty to do indoors and out at Red Mountain Resort during the off-peak seasons, and these times are ideal for weekend warriors from Utah and Las Vegas to visit for an affordable wellness getaway. Use your time at Red Mountain as a New Year’s fitness jumpstart, a getaway with the girls, or a relaxing solo retreat to focus on yourself while adventuring outdoors.

When to Visit

Take advantage of fewer crowds as you explore the region during an off-season visit.

High season in Utah’s desert country is the opposite of many vacation hotspots thanks to summer’s heat and cooler winter temperatures. If you’re looking to ditch the crowds and save, think summer (June–August) and early winter (December–February). Skip mid-September through mid-November and mid-March until the end of May when Red Mountain Resort is typically booked.


High daytime temperatures mean you’ll have to adjust your adventure schedule in the summer. Hike and bike outdoors in early mornings and evenings instead of mid-day when temperatures can soar to 100 degrees. Spend this time getting spa treatments, relaxing in a hammock, and lounging at the outdoor pool. Or keep your energy up with taking indoor fitness classes and wellness learning sessions.


Would-be winter visitors who expect all of Utah to be blanketed in snow don’t realize that St. George is the perfect cold-weather escape. Daytime temperatures hover in the 50s to low 60s, and while the outdoor pool isn’t open, there are hot tubs, indoor pools, and plenty of hikes and bikes rides that are best enjoyed without the sun beating down. And while snow falling in St. George is rare, it’s a wondrous sight to see red rocks dusted in white.

Getting to Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain Resort is 30 minutes from the St. George Municipal Airport and free shuttles are provided when flying in here. If you prefer flying to a major airport, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is just two hours away. Local Utah visitors often drive the 4.5 hours from Salt Lake City for weekend getaways in the quiet shoulder season.

Whether you go coupled up, fly solo, or plan a girlfriend getaway, there are few better places to unwind and rejuvenate than Red Mountain Resort. The resort’s moderate size means it never feels crowded, but visiting in the off-season offers several benefits, and it’s ideal for anyone looking for a more tranquil travel experience.