Learning to Love Yourself with Nathalie Hovatta (Guest Presenter Feb. 16-17)

Practicing Self-Compassion and Living Life in a Valued Direction

Learning to Love Yourself with Nathalie Hovatta (Guest Presenter Feb. 16-17)

Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day alone or with someone special, guest presenter Nathalie Hovatta will help you embrace the most important love of all: self-love.

“Sometimes people either consciously or subconsciously want a partner because they feel some type of void within themselves and believe that if they had a partner, they could feel complete or whole,” she says. “A focus on self-love can lead to contentment and reduce loneliness from being single.”

A clinical mental health counseling intern who will be graduating with her master’s degree this spring, Nathalie has a decade of experience working with people with a variety of mental health issues and was formerly a personal trainer. She believes in the mind-body connection and takes a holistic approach to her work, employing mindfulness, meditation, and self-acceptance techniques to help clients achieve their highest potential.  

Her lectures on Feb. 16 and 17 will examine self-image and personal values, and ways we can overcome roadblocks to emotional wellness.  

“I hope listeners will take away the tools that I present and easily implement them in their lives to help them achieve a greater sense of well-being,” Nathalie says. “Understanding that people aren’t always ready to change, I hope they will at least ponder the issues discussed to gain a greater sense of self-awareness of their current way of being that could help them in the future.”

Event Schedule

Saturday, Feb. 16

Lunch with Nathalie Hovatta (12:00 pm, Canyon Breeze Restaurant)

Join Nathalie for lunch at the community table, and learn about her upcoming presentations on self-love and overcoming body image issues.

Learn to Love Yourself and Your Body: Working through Body Image Issues (8:00 pm, Bryce Canyon Room)

Before you can truly love someone else or experience great love, you must first learn to love yourself. With the myriad of societal messages portraying unrealistic body ideals, it’s easy to be critical of what you see in the mirror. Nathalie will lead a group discussion exploring body image, and you’ll learn tools to help work through body image issues.

Sunday, Feb. 17

Living Life in a Valued Direction with Self-Compassion (8:00 pm, Bryce Canyon Room)

It’s important to have clear personal values that direct your life and help you set goals. Have you followed through with them, or are there barriers preventing you from doing so? Are you self-critical, or are you compassionate towards yourself? This session will help you clarify goals, create a plan to successfully navigate any barriers, foster self-compassion, and ultimately learn to live a happier and valued life.

Activities are complimentary for resort package guests. Call (435) 652-5716 for details.