Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? with Dr. Karen Wolfe (Guest Presenter June 7-9)

Discover the Keys to Optimal Health

Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? with Dr. Karen Wolfe (Guest Presenter June 7-9)

Make your health a priority and create a realistic plan for lasting success with the expertise of Australian physician, entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach Dr. Karen Wolfe.

Dr. Karen’s career began in family medicine before transitioning into healthcare administration. She served as medical director of the Australian Government Health Service for eight years. The Sydney native has published seven books and lectured extensively on stress management, wellness, and nutrition. She is the creator of WellPRO International, which supports people in creating successful wellness-centric businesses.  

Her approach prioritizes mental and emotional well-being as much as physical health.

“Our mind is located in every cell of our body,” she says. “Our thoughts are biochemical impulses that are stored in our physical body. Be careful what you are thinking, because your body is listening.”

Wolfe’s presentations will address nutrition, sleep, exercise, digestion, detoxification, relationships, and other aspects of wellness and self-care.

“75% of health and disease is lifestyle-related,” she says. “I will be offering practical solutions to apply wellness practices in your daily life.”

Event Schedule  

Friday, June 7

Lunch with Dr. Karen Wolfe

Join Dr. Karen for lunch at the community table and learn about her upcoming presentations.

Is Your Lifestyle a Health Risk? 8 Keys to Optimal Health and Weight Loss

With the epidemic escalation of obesity, diabetes, depression, and dementia, our health is going the wrong way at a very rapid pace. The Healthy Lifestyle Solution is Dr. Karen’s coaching tool designed for you to take baby steps into your wellness transformation. This program succeeds where others have failed because it identifies the psychological, physical, and lifestyle components of creating optimal health. Together, we will remove the confusion and distill the science down to easy, realistic stages.

Saturday, June 8

How to Keep Your Brain Alive: 5 Factors that Can Heal and Protect Your Brain

Striking data shows that many of our simple lifestyle choices are strongly related to our risk for early cognitive decline. Learn the role of sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, and the microbiome to renew the brain as well as how to increase the body’s production of BDNF, which allows the brain to grow new neurons.

Sunday, June 9

Is Stress Fattening? The Link between Stress, Inflammation and Weight Gain

This presentation will awaken you to the role of stress in the battle of the bulge. Going beyond the traditional diet, exercise, and stress management advice, Dr. Karen emphasizes an integrated behavioral approach to healing that considers the body, mind, and spirit. Examine how stress creates an inflammatory reaction at a cellular level and discover the lifestyle factors that can make brain and body chemistry work to help create vibrant health.

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