Introducing Wellness Expert Bentley Murdock

Introducing Wellness Expert Bentley Murdock

We are excited to welcome Bentley Murdock to our team of wellness experts at Red Mountain Resort.  

Bentley is a certified holistic nutritionist who has dedicated himself over the last 20 years to researching, learning, and applying proven methods of assisting others toward long-term lifestyle wellness changes. While many are familiar with the holistic methodology, Bentley prefers to use the term “wholistic” to describe his approach that incorporates both the tangible and intangible aspects of healing; encompassing the whole body, heart, mind, gut, spirit, and soul.

Having initially focused on psychology and behavior, Bentley partnered with Jack Canfield to co-author The Soul of Success, Volume 1. After years of coaching corporations and management teams, he found that the most common missing pieces among those with various and chronic disease symptoms all related to the absence of balanced, holistic nutrition and physical nourishment.

“Today's Americans are riddled with ‘dis-ease’ symptoms, and most people aren't even aware of it until the diagnosis shows up,” says Bentley. “The presence of 'dis-ease' simply means that the body is no longer able to comfortably and naturally heal the way it was intended to: 'with ease'. However, when we do happen to grant our bodies the simple ingredients they need to facilitate the ease of healing, our bodies can then literally take care of themselves.”  

“The majority of it comes down to the collective accumulation of what we've chosen to eat and drink every single day,” Bentley says. “Empty, malnourished, dehydrated, under-slept, anemic, depleted, stressed, and exhausted have all become far too commonly embraced as normal aspects of life.”

Bentley adds a new complimentary wellness discussion to our core programming as well as private sessions.  

Nutrition for Disease Prevention & Reversal (Fridays at 1:30 pm, Bryce Canyon Room)

In this talk, you'll learn the nuts and bolts of disease in the body, where it actually comes from, and what we can do to prevent – and even reverse it. Gain a better understanding of how disease symptoms are grown and cultivated by the absence of specific habitual and nutritional behaviors. Move forward with confidence knowing that the majority of the diseases so common in America today are neither genetic nor hereditary.

Customized Disease Prevention & Reversal Sessions (50 minutes, $150)

Using evidence-based tools to help you build constructive nutritional habits, Bentley will guide you on your path to healing and wellness so you can become your best self. Transform the daily efforts you'll bring home from Red Mountain and switch your lifestyle mode from default to intentional. Put yourself in the driver's seat and take control of exactly where your body goes from here.

“I'm thrilled to be here at Red Mountain and I've really enjoyed getting to know the team that works so hard to create such a phenomenal safe harbor of healing,” Bentley says. "There's a very clear sense of compassionate neutrality that intentionally resides here. In my experience, that lack of forced expectation is what facilitates the embrace each guest feels, wherever they happen to be in life.”

To book a session, contact our Reservations office (open 7 days a week) at 877-246-4453 or

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