How to Pull Off the Perfect Yoga Retreat to Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain Resort in southwestern Utah is one of the country’s best destinations for a natural yoga retreat

How to Pull Off the Perfect Yoga Retreat to Red Mountain Resort

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You can’t help but feel a wave of calm wash over you when stepping onto the grounds of Red Mountain Resort. A clean, sage-tinged smell lightly scents the air. The red rock formations radiate the sun’s warmth. Even though you’re just 20 minutes from the local airport, you’re a world away—poised at the entrance of the spectacular Snow Canyon State Park.

The soothing atmosphere is mostly adults (kids over 12 are allowed), which means that Red Mountain Resort is all about peace, quiet, and the space to let the natural beauty sink in and heal you from the inside out.

That’s why yoga and wellness retreats here are such a natural fit—literally, the grounds are interwoven with the natural landscape, which is as calming as the yoga and meditation classes you can attend here. Wild cacti dot the red dirt like abstract sculptures, with intrepid desert wildflowers adding little splashes of color. So take a break from the chaos of everyday life in this spectacular setting. Here’s how to do it.

Go Pre-Packaged or Choose Your Own Wellness Adventure

Spend time enjoying the natural wonders just steps from the resort.

The resort offers pre-arranged wellness retreats if you’d like to let the staff do the handiwork for you—check out the latest offerings, which range from the Essential Yoga Weekend Retreat to a number of thoughtfully crafted experiences like the Sacred Sisterhood Retreat: Earthing Your Life’s Purpose. These pre-packaged retreats typically include everything you’ll need to sit back and let the nurturing environment sink in: excellent lodging, three healthy meals a day, and wellness experiences.

If you’d like to take the reins on your own getaway, not only is the resort an extremely easy place to spend time, but the staff is also over-the-top accommodating in facilitating everything you need along the way.

The on-site fitness studio is where the majority of the classes take place, although you can also inquire about some of Red Mountain’s special outdoor classes that take place among the exquisite rock formations of the state park five minutes away.

The staff can fill you in on the latest class schedules, which are posted on the website as well on the Fitness Programs page. There is a full spectrum of classes daily—led by amazing instructors—including Kundalini, Yoga for the Spine and Hips, Yoga MELT Fusion, Yoga for Detox, Candlelight Yoga, and an array of others depending on the day. And if you want something with more fire or playful intensity, you can check out a non-yoga fitness class like Barre, TRX Boot Camp, or Zumba.

It’s About the Holistic Experience

However you structure your getaway, everything at Red Mountain is there to support and complement your experience. Because when you come here for something transformational, you’ll get the best results by going deep.

That’s the theory behind Red Mountain Executive Chef Chad Luethje’s culinary offerings. Knowing that people come to Red Mountain to be nourished and fulfilled, he’s crafted menus for every meal of the day that focus on healthful and filling cuisine. Expect plenty of vegetarian options, with whole grains, with mindfully sourced produce, cheeses, and meats. Even the desserts usually have a few healthy “secret ingredients.” It means that even after eating your fill, you’ll walk away feeling energized. (Of course, a glass of wine pairs nicely with it all—and you’ve earned it with your yoga workouts and red rock hikes.)

The resort also has a world-class spa with all the traditional treatments you’d expect in a deeply relaxing environment (massages, facials, salon treatments, and more). They also offer a few unique twists that fit right in with the natural landscape, such as a Soothing Agave Ritual with a warming cactus gel wrap or an Adobe Lavender Hydrating cocoon with locally sourced red clay.

Red Mountain embraces the philosophy that relaxation and healing happen in our hearts and spirits as much as they happen for our bodies. We can stretch our muscles with yoga, build a little cardio with a good hike, nourish our cells with a healthy meal, and refresh our skin with an excellent facial—but there needs to be a mindfulness component of any wellness retreat too.

For this reason, the resort offers classes and sessions like Intro to Tai Chi, Music Healing, an Intuitive Energy Reading, Shaman Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, and even a Despacho Fire Ceremony. These experiences are led by the resort’s amazing staff trained in fields like energy work, shamanic healing, spiritual intuitive readings, hypnotherapy, yoga, and acupuncture.

It’s an incredible way to complement your desert adventure with a spiritual journey as well, digging within yourself amid a landscape that lifts you up.

However you arrange your getaway—pre-packaged or free-flowing—you’ll feel refreshed, strengthened, and renewed after just a few days at Red Mountain. The longer you spend, the deeper the effects can soak in. And it’ll always be there for next time. Because, once you’ve gotten to know Red Mountain, there’s always a next time.