How Red Mountain Resort Became a Wellness Pioneer in Southwest Utah

How Red Mountain Resort Became a Wellness Pioneer in Southwest Utah

Tucked amid red rock cliffs in the Utah desert town of St. George, Red Mountain Resort is one of the country’s best all-inclusive health retreats. Offering a mix of wellness, diet, and fitness options, the resort has been welcoming guests from all over the country for more than 20 years to experience the magic and transformation of this unique destination. While there have been changes over the decades, one thing remains the same: Red Mountain’s commitment to helping its guests lead healthier lives.

“Wellness isn’t a new trend at Red Mountain—it’s in our DNA,” says General Manager Tracey Welsh. This shows from the diversity of health and wellness programs offered to the happy guests who return year after year.

See for yourself how a trip to Red Mountain Resort can be a life-changing experience.

The Red Mountain Story

Red Mountain didn’t become a top-ranked wellness retreat overnight. It all started in 1998 when Red Mountain Resort took over the property that was formerly the National Institute of Fitness. The new owners began transforming it into an adventure and wellness destination, initially with a weight-loss focus based on the then-popular caloric control and dietary plan principles.

Today, the mission of helping guests lead healthier, happier lives remains unchanged, but the methods and activities for achieving it have improved.

“We hope to empower you with knowledge and confidence to move outside your comfort zone and learn fun ways to lift your mind, body, and spirit,” Welsh says. “We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, and our activities are designed to inspire you to include a little more wellness every day while you relax and restore as we provide excellent friendly service.”

At Red Mountain Resort this translates to all-inclusive packages with luxurious accommodations, challenging outdoor adventures, healthy and delicious meals, a diverse lineup of fitness classes, indoor/outdoor pools and spas, and 55 acres of red desert landscape ready for exploration. Packages include adventure-ready gear like water bottles and backpacks.

Red Rock Wonderland

One of Red Mountain Resort's biggest draws is the incredible hiking in the region.

What makes Red Mountain Resort stand above other health-and-wellness resorts is simple: location. Located in southern Utah’s red rock landscape—adjacent to spectacular Snow Canyon State Park—Red Mountain Resort provides an unforgettable setting to explore. Guests can stroll through the resort’s trails, hang out in a hammock and breathe in the dry desert air, venture on a guided hike in the park’s martian landscapes, or travel with resort staff to nearby Zion or Bryce National Parks for extra adventure and exploration. It’s like summer camp for adults, without the bunk beds and s’mores.

“Getting out in nature, experiencing our unique geology, seeing only land for miles is so healing. It can help shift your perspective—inspiring you to find ways to recreate this empowering feeling again and again,” Welsh says. “We actively seek out trails that aren’t as readily found, to treat our guests to some wonderful off-the-beaten-path experiences that they might not otherwise journey to.”

Known best for its hiking program, Red Mountain Resort’s mild winters allow guests to explore the trails all year long on daily guided hikes. Trails and destinations vary throughout the week so you could find yourself climbing through dark lava tubes one day and summiting a nearby peak the next, but options for all fitness levels let you rise to your preferred challenge level. And don’t worry about the hot summer sun putting a damper on the experience, Welsh says Red Mountain alters the summer hike locations and times to beat the heat.

Over time, Red Mountain has expanded by adding the award-winning Sagestone Spa and Salon, an Adventure Concierge to set up experiences, personal discovery services with Shamanic Energy Practitioners, acupuncture, chiropractic, healthy-cooking demonstrations, sound baths, metabolic assessments, and much more.

Awards and Accolades

Red Mountain Resort is often recognized by the media with awards and accolades for its inventive adventure and wellness offerings. And in 2019, the resort made U.S. News & World Report Hotel Awards list of 10 Top All-Inclusive USA Resorts and ranked as one of the publication’s Best Hotels in Utah. Red Mountain is also top-ranked for girlfriend getaways, luxurious resorts, romantic getaways, corporate retreats, and fit-cations.

Dedicated Staff

Many people make a trip to Red Mountain Resort an annual event.

Known for its loyal, dedicated staff, some Red Mountain team members have been working here since the resort first opened. Each person recognizes his or her role and value in the guest experience and works to create positive, memorable wellness experiences. Staff returns every year for the same reason guests do—because they love the beauty and wonder of this beautiful place and the people who visit.

“The staff enjoys that we have a high rate of guests who return for an annual getaway, and they love to see those familiar faces,” Welsh says.

The resort’s team member motto is “Inspiring Wellness through Adventure, one guest at a time,” and the staff recognizes that the wellness journey is not the same for everyone.

“Each guest is here on a different path,” Welsh says. “Some come for weight loss, some are accomplished athletes that desire a vacation that is in line with their personal goals. Some are grieving, some just need a break from the busy life in the city. Some are going through life transitions, such as college graduations, job shifts, or retirement.”

Hospitality is at the heart of everything Red Mountain Resort does, and the staff works to honor and support all the reasons guests come to visit. Whether it comes to planning a day trip, cooking a meal, or recommending classes and activities to try, the staff focuses on designing memorable experiences and helping guests achieve their health and wellness goals.

The Future of Red Mountain Resort

As the years go by, Red Mountain Resort keeps evolving while maintaining its commitment to wellness experiences and restorative vacation. And no matter the reason people come to Red Mountain, be it restoration, fitness, or fun, this Utah resort is the place to find it.

“No matter which it is, we offer a schedule of activities and experiences that will bring delight and joy—and help you breathe a little deeper,” Welsh says. “We hope that something you learn is inspiring enough for you to take home and make the commitment to include it in your life.”

Whether you visit this year or in the years to come, you’ll find that a trip to Red Mountain Resort is first and foremost a vacation, but with a focus on health and wellness that rejuvenates you instead of exhausting you. After a weeklong or weekend retreat, head home recharged and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you next.

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