Holistic Energy Healing with Andrea Hanson (Guest Presenter May 2-5)

Experience True Healing on All Levels of Being

Holistic Energy Healing with Andrea Hanson (Guest Presenter May 2-5)

Longtime guest presenter and host of our popular Emotional Fitness Retreat Andrea Hanson returns for a series of discussions on knowing your true self, being true to your deepest truth, and the power to heal life and live joy. She will also be available for private energy healing sessions.

Drawing from intuitive abilities and decades of experience in both ancient and cutting-edge healing modalities, Andrea helps identify, clear, and resolve what is keeping you from your best self. Her expertise includes certifications in holistic energy healing, Kundalini yoga, energy psychology, meditation, and Ayurveda, and she served as program director at The Chopra Center for nine years.  

“I help others realize the healing of negative beliefs and emotions, and open them to their personal power and joy,” she says. “My objective is to make a significant positive and empowering impact on anyone and everyone who chooses to work with me.”

Event Schedule

Private Holistic Energy Healing and Balancing Consultations ($150, 60 min.)

Andrea will assist you in sorting out and healing the source of whatever pain, problems, concerns, or unfulfilled desires may be present in your life. Issues can be identified and skillfully replaced with a deeper sense of self-realization, conscious awareness, confidence, clarity, inner peace, and strength. This work frees you to be fully present and truly live the joyous, successful, and extraordinary life that is yours. This transformational approach often works when nothing else has.

Thursday, May 2

Lunch with Andrea Hanson

Join Andrea for lunch at the community table and learn about her upcoming presentations.

The Imperative of Knowing Your True Self

You are not who you think you are! Your self-image, thoughts, and beliefs determine your reality. Who we think we are and what we believe either limits us or liberates us. Learning your true identity is the first step to creating and sustaining vibrant health and extraordinary life.

Friday, May 3

Being True to Your Deepest Truth

Your body is your subconscious mind. Discover how to access your subconscious as a rich source of healing, knowledge, and guiding forces. Learn to heal problems and patterns that keep you from your excellence, and reset your subconscious patterning to live honestly and authentically with confidence and joy.

Saturday, May 4

The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy

Our beliefs and perceptions determine our future. Learn to know instantly the right action for the moment. Andrea will share a powerful meditation method to authentically practice the art of choosing your desired state of being, and manifesting all your heart’s desires with grace and ease.

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