Extraordinary Adventures in Holistic Energy Healing


Extraordinary Adventures in Holistic Energy Healing
by Andrea Becky Hanson

Join guest presenter Andrea Becky Hanson October 24-27 for a series of presentations on comprehensive holistic energy healing. She is also available for private consultations. Visit our Event Calendar for activity details.

We are so very fortunate to be alive in this most amazing, unprecedented, and evolutionary time in known history. The people of the world are challenged in ways we never could have imagined on all levels of being – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is beyond challenging. Many are suffering in myriad ways from the relentless stress of the times. 

So why are we so fortunate? Because we now have the knowledge to address and solve the issues and conflicts we face… the knowledge that only existed as ancient wisdom and practices until recently. Now this miraculous body of healing is validated, expanded, and readily available through the support of scientific research findings in neuroscience, quantum physics, and kinesiology to create the unified field of holistic energy healing. 

Our true nature and identity is one of wholeness, oneness, peace, tranquility, creativity, and joy. We have a complete energy system that circulates the universal energy life force. That force, called prana in India and qi or ch’i in China, is the electromagnetic energy that holds the whole universe together… the energy that informs us intuitively and connects us as one. In holistic energy healing, we have one diagnosis: If you do not feel whole, peaceful, tranquil, creative, and joyous, it’s due to blocks, reversals, or the energy of others in your system.

Destined to become the self-empowering new health care system, comprehensive holistic energy healing is a vast body of knowledge that finds the causes and origins of blocks to heal and dissolve them. This approach includes empowering, experiential methods from all branches of ancient healing systems along with cutting-edge scientific discoveries about energy and the human body and mind. This frees us to live our truth and gives meaning to our lives and purpose to our journey.

This method is particularly effective because it addresses the mind using a branch of energy healing called energy psychology. We are able to determine the hidden negative thoughts, ideas, and beliefs adopted from our life experiences that now stand in the way of achieving our best health, life, and future. We then can disarm and replace them, allowing for true self-discovery and experiential higher conscious awareness, revealing our true identity to ourselves. This correct perception of ourselves allows us to be and live our deepest truth with our precious gift of free will.

Holistic energy healing is so remarkable that I was inspired to reach as many people as I could by writing an interactive work and reference book, Light through the Keyhole: The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy. My life story is a thread throughout, to share my own very fortunate journey of healing and how this approach is exactly what’s needed in this data-swamped time of overwhelming challenges and opportunities.

During my interactive and experiential presentations, I will explain how and why this system works when often nothing else has. I use demonstrations, visualization, and various methods of holistic energy healing to illustrate the opportunities for true sustainable healing and transformation. We may explore phobias, anxiety or depression, grief, regret, feelings of being stuck, and how to create the flow of love, abundance, contentment, meaning, and purpose in peace and with joy.

I hope you will join me and look forward to the possibility of helping you live your best life and legacy. The miracles of this system are yours to learn and use to meet all the challenges of these difficult times and have the life and sustainable health your mind, body, heart, and soul desire. These times are for learning, healing life, knowing yourself at the soul level, and living joy!

About Andrea Becky Hanson

Andrea Becky Hanson is an author, speaker, sentient intuitive, and holistic healing facilitator with four decades of experience in ancient and cutting-edge energy healing modalities. She is a Chopra Center Vedic instructor certified in Ayurvedic practices, energy psychology, Soul Detective work, kundalini yoga, and many kinds of meditation. In addition to formal education in psychology and speech and hearing sciences, she has studied and taught in over 22 countries and previously served as program director for the Chopra Center.