Food for Thought with Cindy Clemens (Guest Presenter Apr. 11-12)

Creating and Living Your Best Life

Food for Thought with Cindy Clemens (Guest Presenter Apr. 11-12)

Are you wondering what’s next? Have big goals but not sure where to start? Join life coach Cindy Clemens for a weekend of discovery and take action to put more YOU in your life.

Cindy makes her home among the beautiful red rocks of southwestern Utah and is a familiar face at Red Mountain, hosting presentations, workshops, and retreats since 2006.

After a 15-year career as a trial attorney, she redesigned her life and became a certified life coach and workshop leader. Her specialty is blending practical tools with the insight and support people need to truly enjoy their lives and reach their dreams.

“Coaching is not about fixing someone who’s broken,” she says. “It’s about clarity, taking steps forward, and having accountability and support to get to the next stage in life. While you could do this alone, you can make so much more progress – and enjoy the journey – with a coach at your side.”

A 50-minute private session with Cindy explores where a guest is in life and where they want to be. She will identify roadblocks, and define a time frame for reaching goals. Every guest returns home with three to five action steps and a renewed commitment to filling their tank with self-love and joy.

“It’s amazing how much clarity most people have when they have a place to be heard, understood, and supported,” she says.  

Event Schedule

Thursday, April 11

Food for Thought: Make Room for YOU in Your Life

Although you may know that self-care is critical to wellbeing, it can be difficult to find and make room for what you need in life. Coming to Red Mountain was a good first step, but the challenge will be taking it home with you. Join Cindy for an engaging conversation with other guests about how to protect your ME time, set boundaries and stick to them, and feed your inner flame more often.

Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13

Private Life Coaching Sessions ($125, 50 min.)

Do you have ideas and options whirling around in your head and need a place to download, organize, and move forward on one or more of your desires? A private life coaching session with Cindy is a great way to kick start the process.

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