New Fitness and Wellness Classes

New Fitness and Wellness Classes

Fitness Manager Kim Watters loves the challenge of bringing the top fitness trends to our Red Mountain Guests. Here are a few new classes she has added to our activity schedule, all included in Retreat Packages. 

Tank Top Arms- Keep your arms tank top ready with this twenty minute upper body class. You'll use body weight and resistance band exercises that will tone and shape the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest. 

All in One- Get it all done in 1 . HIIT it, with High Intensity Interval Training. Combine Cardio & Strength and achieve higher caloric burn, and the blissful after burn effect. You'll learn why EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) is truly epic when it comes to burning fat & staying fit.

Total Body Barbell- Die hard weight lifters throwing heavy bulky weights are intimidating – however the effectiveness of barbells is tough to beat. Thanks to a smaller & lighter bar and an instructor to coach you through every rep, you'll find a great way to say goodbye fat, hello stronger leaner body.

Candle Light Yoga- A gentle yoga practice in a peaceful candle lit room designed to guide the body and mind into a deep relaxed space, through soothing stretches and breath awareness; thus allowing the body to drift into a peaceful quiet sleep.