Explore New Possibilities with Our Wellness Experts

March - June Guest Presenter Schedule

Explore New Possibilities with Our Wellness Experts

Our guest presenters in the first half of 2019 represent a wide range of wellness-inspired topics, from yoga therapy to sketching nature. Spend a little time with us and learn something new.

Marla Snyder

Watercolor for Those Who Don’t Think They Can (Mar. 1-2)

Explore the world of watercolor and discover the beauty of your own creativity. Artist and art educator Marla Snyder brings her signature workshop to Red Mountain. Inspired by her own experiences teaching herself to draw and paint, her method encourages students to take liberties with their interpretations rather than trying to be picture-perfect. No experience required – just the desire to learn.

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Marcia Miller

Makeover Your Travel Life (Mar. 19-20)

Going away for a weekend or a year, traveling alone or in a group – be prepared to change the way you travel. A certified travel counselor and the founder of You Go Girls! Travel, Marcia Miller is an authority on the unique needs of female travelers. Her tips on health, beauty, and packing will turn you into a safer and more confident globe-trotter. Hassle-free vacations are on the horizon!

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Cindy Clemens

Food for Thought (Apr. 11-12)

Are you wondering what’s next? Searching for clarity? Join life coach Cindy Clemens for a weekend of discovery and take action to put more YOU in your life. Her insightful, supportive presentations and private sessions will renew your commitment to filling your tank with self-love and joy.

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Leslie McGuirk

Astrology and Creativity (Apr. 19-21)

Discover the power of the four elements and embrace your creativity with author, artist, and astrologer Leslie McGuirk. Far more complex than reading your horoscope in the back of a magazine, astrology charts – the map of where all the planets were at the time and place of someone’s birth – are our natural patterns, and Leslie can reveal the insight hidden in yours. Delving into “The Quest for Inspiration” will demonstrate ways we can awaken the originality and childlike sense of wonder within all of us.

Sharon Holly

Therapeutic Yoga (Apr. 26-29)

The wellness benefits of yoga for both the body and mind are immense, whether you’re seeking to manage stress, get out of pain, recover from injury, improve sleep, or increase your flexibility. Certified yoga therapist Sharon Holly will lead a variety of classes, including yoga nidra, aqua kriya yoga, therapeutic yoga, and TRE®, plus a workshop on navigating the nervous system and customized one-on-one sessions. Gain a sense of empowerment and balance through these ancient healing techniques.

Andrea Hanson

Holistic Energy Healing (May 2-5)

Longtime guest presenter and host of our popular Emotional Fitness Retreat Andrea Hanson returns for a series of discussions on knowing your true self, being true to your deepest truth, and the power to heal life and live joy. Drawing from intuitive ability and 44 years of experience in both ancient and cutting-edge modalities, Andrea helps identify, clear, and resolve what is keeping you from your best self. She will also be available for private holistic energy healing and balancing consultations.

Ilana Tolpin Levitt

What’s Mom (Still) Got to Do with It? (May 10-12)

How much of a daughter's life design is imprinted by her mother's story? Understanding your mother-daughter relationship can breathe new life into your career and personal journey. Career consultant and author Ilana Tolpin Levitt examines parenting for career success and how to unleash “the warrior within” to dominate the workplace. There will be something for every woman to explore through this unique lens.

The Alans

Magic and Mentalism (May 15-16)

Professional magicians Jason and Stacy Alan take you on a roller coaster ride where you don’t just watch the show – you are the show! Every performance is different with their unique duo act centered on audience participation. Live in the moment and be amazed. Using magic, mind reading, and pure entertainment, they will make you a believer.

Pam Luer

Nature Sketchbook Workshop (May 20-22)

Take home a unique memento of your time at Red Mountain. Venture along the trails surrounding our resort with artist and nature lover Pam Luer and draw what you see! She’ll provide the art supplies; you bring your hiking shoes and eye for beauty. Sketchers of all skill levels can discover a new way of viewing and capturing the world around them.

Dr. Karen Wolfe

Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? (Jun. 7-9)

Are you on the right track with your health? Simple choices we make every day can make or break us. Physician, entrepreneur, author, and healthy lifestyle coach Dr. Karen Wolfe will examine the link between stress, cognitive decline, and weight gain. Learn the roles that sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise play in overall wellness, and ways you can protect your brain and body.

Mary Quinn

Mindfulness and Appreciation (Jun. 21-22)

When was the last time you took some time for yourself? From the fundamentals of fitness to the art of effective communication, Mary Quinn’s expertise on a diversity of topics stems from her background in exercise physiology, kinesiology, and psychology and three decades spent in the wellness industry. Join her for a weekend of fitness classes and enlightening presentations on the art of self-care and mindfulness. Nurture your mind/body/spirit connection and renew your passion for life!

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