Dr. Randy Kamen Psychologist: Retrain Your Brain for Fun & Adventure

May 4-6, 2018

Dr. Randy Kamen Psychologist: Retrain Your Brain for Fun & Adventure

Kamen is a psychologist, educator and author of the bestselling book Behind the Therapy Door: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Life. She consults internationally at universities, corporations, conferences and health retreats, and frequently appears in the media

Authentic Relaxation and Meditation, May 4th: Learn to achieve a true sense of calm, greater resilience, and heightened energy levels. The secret to authentic relaxation begins with the anchor breath. With practice, abdominal breathing can become internalized so that the experience of true relaxation is understood and deeply felt. Learn a simple and effective practice that will train your mind to be more present, focused, and optimistic while less reactive to negative conditions.

Self-Hypnosis and “Taking in the Good,” May 5th: Build positive emotions and learn to savor positive experiences and memories through a method that will alter the neural circuitry of the brain. Participants will learn a self-hypnosis strategy that helps build inner strength, optimal performance and resilience. With only moments a day of practice, these skills can be mastered over time as the brain can becomes more hardwired for happiness and positivity.

Gratitude for Health and Happiness, May 6th: Cultivate the ability to be grateful by learning several practices for building this life-changing skill. Gratitude is strongly linked to mental and physical health as well as authentic happiness. When these skills are practiced regularly there is bound to be a powerful shift in one’s daily life experience of joy and optimism.