Consciously Outdoors

Undoubtedly we are all a little more conscious of the air we breathe

Consciously Outdoors

Undoubtedly we are all a little more conscious of the air we breathe, who we breathe on, near, next to and around. We all want to stay and be healthy. 

With 55 acres of space to move in, and one of the most beautiful backdrops in the Southwest, taking some of our fitness classes outdoors is just a natural at Red Mountain Resort. Our mild winters and abundant sunshine make exercising in fresh air an option all year round. 

Red Mountain guests do have the options to hike and bike each and every day, and we offer outdoor wellness experiences such as Yoga in Snow Canyon every week. Now with even more reasons to breathe in fresh air and be outside, Red Mountain Fitness Manager Kim Watters has added 2 new classes to our Activity Schedule, Take it Outside and Totally Tubular.

Watters notes that exercising outdoors offers added benefits such as the boosts to your mental health as a result of being in direct contact with sunlight offering increased Vitamin D intake and greater levels of serotonin. She also mentions that being outdoors in the elements challenges your body in a way that a climate controlled indoor environment cannot. Spending time outdoors relieves stress, and studies show that even spending a short time outdoors lowers your blood pressure, and cortisol levels. Of course the air outdoors is cleaner! Overall, outside activities produce feelings of revitalization, energy and optimism, according to research at the University of Essex.

It was also important to Watters to make certain that our new outdoor classes were easy to replicate at home, so she uses rubberized tubing in these workouts. The benefits of using rubberized tubing are:

  • Dumbbell Alternative: Tubing also causes your muscles to contract against resistance which leads to muscle tone, strength and endurance.
  • Lightweight: It’s much easier to move from standing to seated or lying down positions.
  • Portability: Again tubing’s small size makes it easy to carry from location to location as we do in our Take it Outside class.
  • Fully Adjustable: One piece of equipment is all that is needed with rubberized tubing as you can easily make the tubing longer or shorter to change the amount of resistance you want. 

Here is a description of each new class:

Take it Outside includes some energized walking from location to location where we’ll pause to do some muscle toning exercises before we head out to the next spot.  Count on traveling to 7 locations, performing twelve different exercises and walking about one mile.

Totally Tubular is a strength and toning workout under the gazebo, utilizing the posts of the gazebo as an anchor point for standing, seated, and lying down exercises.

Please see our Activity Schedule for times and dates.