Can You Lose Weight on Your Next Vacation?

Mindful eating and healthy habits

Can You Lose Weight on Your Next Vacation?

Wouldn’t it be great if you came home from a vacation in better shape than when you left? Instead of another trip spent lounging on the beach sipping margaritas, use your time off to revolutionize your life—while losing weight at the same time. No, this isn’t your mom’s weight-loss camp. Unlike the sufferfests of yesteryear, modern retreats focus on healthy weight-loss techniques, relaxation, and restoration, and most importantly, having fun. And at Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah, the stunning red-rock landscapes are all part of the package.

What is a Weight-Loss Retreat?

Never heard of weight-loss retreat? Vacations typically focus on indulging and spending time with friends or family, but weight-loss retreats shift this paradigm, making it all about you. So much so that it’s recommended you come alone instead of with a partner or friend. Why? Because removing commitments and everyday distractions of people and work allows you to focus on improving your health and happiness.

At these retreats, you’ll kickstart weight loss by adopting healthy eating habits and learning how to focus on more than a number on the scale. Through massive action, you’ll make permanent changes that improve your health, happiness, and longevity—instead of quick fixes where the weight returns as soon as you’re home.

What Makes Red Mountain Resort Retreats Different (and Better)

Red Mountain Resort has created a weight-loss retreat that focuses on teaching participants techniques that will work in their everyday life.

Red Mountain Resort has been a premier provider of health and wellness retreats in Southern Utah for 20 years, and its innovative take has netted many awards and accolades through the years. People come to Red Mountain for everything from adventurous getaways to soul-searching journeys, but individualized weight-loss retreats are a unique experience for those looking to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Red Mountain Resort is designed for adult guests, so you’ll have to leave the kids at home, but teens are welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For those on a retreat, starvation and restrictive diets are out, and self-care and nutritional support are in. Compared to other wellness resorts, Red Mountain guests receive more individualized testing and attention—and a big dose of something else—adventure. The resort property abuts the sprawling Snow Canyon State Park, a red-rock oasis with endless hiking trails. Each day, guests can venture off property and into the park to explore slot canyons, towering sandstone cliffs, and old lava flows.

What Red Mountain’s Weight-Loss Retreats Include

Losing weight isn’t easy, and Red Mountain Resort builds individualized packages that help you reach your weight-loss goals. Participants on the retreat also receive physical, emotional, mental, and nutritional guidance from the resort’s team to keep their progress on track.

You’ll book a seven-day Sunday-Sunday stint (but many guests stay longer), which includes modern accommodations, three meals a day, guided hiking and fitness classes, acupuncture and body wrap for detoxification, nutrition and training consultation, group workshops on fitness and food, and a customized fitness plan.

What You Can Learn at a Weight-Loss Retreat

At this remarkable resort, retreats aren’t one-time experiences that quickly fade from memory. These seven-day getaways are designed to revolutionize your eating habits and help you make permanent, healthy changes in your life. Here are just a few concepts you’ll take with you when you leave:

Mindful Eating

Dishes at the Red Mountain Resort are creative and flavorful—and designed to help you think about how to eat healthier meals once you return home.

Red Mountain Resort skips strict, restrictive diets in favor of mindful eating. Flavorful, healthy eats make up every meal, and a nutrition key for each dish shows you its calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. Example portions are dished out alongside the buffet to guide how you fill your plate. These methods teach you to think about what you eat, appreciating your food and learning to choose it wisely. Chefs also teach cooking classes so you can take your newfound nutrition knowledge home.

Meals are eaten in the beautiful Canyon Breeze Restaurant, which features Utah desert views and a shaded outdoor patio. Choose from a breakfast buffet or a made-to-order menu every morning with dishes like huevos rancheros and multigrain pancakes. A fresh soup and salad bar kicks off every other meal, and a rotating selection of hot buffet entrees keep things interesting. A new dinner menu is posted each day, and options such as mouthwatering tempeh tacos, free-range meats, and roasted wild fish will make you forget you’re on a weight-loss retreat. And you don’t even have to give up dessert.

Red Mountain believes in changing the way you interact with food, letting you make your own healthy choices while enjoying occasional indulgences. This strategy improves outcomes when you return home, paving the way for long-term weight loss success.

How to Get into a Fitness Routine

You’ll find a variety of different fitness classes to choose from during the retreat.

Fitness classes are included at Red Mountain Resort and are welcoming to all ability levels. From yoga to Zumba, boot camp to drumming, try everything to find what you love. Work out at different times of the day to see when you perform best. Take your newfound fitness routine with you by finding similar classes at your home gym.

Healthy Habits

Red Mountain Resort advocates whole-body wellness and creating healthy, sustainable habits, like eating three square meals a day, meditating, and making fitness part of your daily routine. Build your own schedule and create new behaviors that will keep you on track to reach your weight-loss goals.

Outdoor Appreciation

Outdoor adventure is a big part of a retreat at Red Mountain Resort.

Stunning sandstone landscapes and black lava rocks are Red Mountain Resort’s backyard, and outdoor adventures are a big part of the retreat offerings. The location adjacent to Snow Canyon State Park and near Zion National Park means you can explore trails on daily guided hikes while bonding with others on the same journey. Add other thrilling activities like rappelling, rock climbing, and paddleboarding.

Stress Reduction

Stress can cause you to pack on pounds. Rebalance your life by practicing yoga, developing a meditation routine, and walking the resort’s labyrinth to clear your head and refocus. Go deep with an intuitive reading or chakra balancing, or just lie back in a hammock, read a book, and unwind.

Red Mountain Resort retreats aren’t one-time fixes, but attending one can lead to permanent change by using the lessons learned to reach your weight-loss goals.