The Benefits of Cupping


The Benefits of Cupping
by Marci Howard-May, Director of Spa and Wellness

Sagestone Spa & Salon at Red Mountain Resort is inspired by ancient health and beauty rituals, and our team is always on the hunt for new treatments and modalities that are as healing as the surrounding red rock cliffs and canyons. We strive to provide distinctive and effective experiences, many of which our guests can take home and use for daily self-care practices. 

Our team has been researching the emergence of the cupping trend for several years and has found a technique and innovator that fits with Sagestone’s natural approach to wellness. Our licensed massage therapists are excited to partner with and train in the Bellabaci™ method, the creators of the modernized silicone, hand-squeezable vacuum massage cups.

What is cupping therapy?

Originating in China, cupping therapy is an ancient and universal practice with a rich history of use that spans both East and West. Cupping is a healing method that uses suction to create negative pressure to lift the skin away from the underlying tissues.

The main principle is to create a surge of blood flow beneath the cup to bring fresh, oxygen-rich blood cells along with white blood cells and pain relief receptors so localized healing can take place. Cupping has been found to affect the body by up to four inches into the soft tissues, attachments, and organs, resulting in myofascial release combined with lymphatic activation, inflammation reduction, and support for the body’s natural detoxification system.

What are the benefits of cupping?

Cupping has been scientifically shown to alkalize the blood’s pH, reducing acidity. It also improves red and white blood cell count to boost immunity. Cupping positively affects the nervous, digestive, muscular, skeletal, and circulatory systems as well as the skin in a variety of ways. It also increases energy, promotes hormone production and balance, reduces metal fatigue, opens the energy meridians, and improves memory. With a history of more than 3,000 years of use and an extensive list of known benefits, we are excited to have this effective treatment in our spa.

Why the Bellabaci™ method?

We chose the Bellabaci™ method due to its unique combination of hand and cup massage for healing and ultimate relaxation. This method focuses on a slow and relaxing massage with movement cupping rather than a stationary approach. The cups are used with full hand contact on the body to allow the experience of both physical touch and the healing benefits of the cups.

As the cups glide along the skin to create negative pressure on the body surface, the connective tissues are lifted and toxins and inflammation are pulled to the surface where the lymphatic system can eliminate them. Stagnant blood is drawn from the capillaries to the veins to be cleansed and disposed.

Once an adhesion or congestion is pulled away from its source, fresh blood, energy, and fluids rush into the area to expedite healing. This deep tissue massage instantly soothes painful areas of the body and repairs skin tissue. This technique is very safe and will rarely produce any marks.

We have created two options for receiving cupping. Our 50-minute Bellabaci™ Cupping Contour Treatment is a great treatment for addressing cellulite, skin tone, and uneven texture while also imparting a deep sense of relaxation.

We also have the Bellabaci™ Cupping Area add-on for massage. Select one trouble spot for your therapist to work on during your massage. This is a wonderful way to try out cupping to see how your body responds and enjoy the benefits in a particular area of discomfort.

Our passion at Sagestone is to help guests learn techniques that they can use at home to improve their own personal health and well-being. The versatility and ease of using the Bellabaci™ cups makes them a great option for home use. You will find a wonderful selection of Bellabaci™ products for purchase in our spa boutique to continue your practice long after your Red Mountain experience.  

About Marci Howard-May

Marci Howard-May is passionate about empowering others to take charge of their personal well-being. She works to develop highly knowledgeable and skilled teams in both spa and wellness by blending over 20 years of knowledge and experience as a massage therapist and exercise physiologist. She continually works with our staff to add spa treatments, personal discovery experiences, and fitness classes that are unique and varied for guests to enjoy.