Astrology As A Life Guide Tool

A soulful exploration of who you are through the lens of astrology

Astrology As A Life Guide Tool

Do you often gaze with wonder into the beautiful night skies? Is it, in fact, a coincidence that the lights in the sky ie, planets, moons, and constellations are mesmerizing and at times create illumination? There may be a deeper reason that we look to the stars for the answers to our questions.

It's evident that we have done this for centuries. The philosophers in ancient history looked to the skies for tools to predict and give reason to seasonal shifts and behaviors. They would chart the sky, and take notice of its changes, and relating it to what occurred in their daily lives, determining patterns and synchronicities. Astrology as a study developed in the 3rd millennium BC, as a divination tool, interpreting the influence of the stars and planets on earthly affairs, personalities and people's life's path. Astrologers were sought by civilizations prominent leaders for their knowledge of celestial events and ability to predict the right time to plant, build, and explore.

Today, most of us can answer "What's your sign?", and enjoy comparing our lives and relationships with the monthly horoscope in a magazine. Those are the astrological birth signs, which in astrology is known as a sun sign. What most people don't know is that they have a birth chart also known as a natal chart, which is an image of the sky charted at an individual's time, date and location of their birth. Much like the ancient philosophers, today's astrologists use your individual natal chart and their ability to interpret the alignments in the skies, as a tool to help guide you on your path and journey in this lifetime to deepen and utilize the cosmic energetics at play.

A consultation using your personal natal chart is a soulful exploration of who you are through the lens of astrology. You will find out all of your personal planets beyond your "sun sign" and how the energies of these planets can be playing out in your life. You will discover Astrology is not a generalization and how unique and personal your life path and experiences are. The purpose of the consultation is to allow you to give your soul permission to experience the energies you came here to experience, to find your highest expression. Astrology can also help you discover your cycles, patterns, strengths, talents and weaknesses.

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By Megan Nelson, Astrologist