AgeNation’s Co-Founder Sedena Cappannelli

Speaking guests April 13 & 14th, 2018

AgeNation’s Co-Founder Sedena Cappannelli

With her husband she has authored multiple books on empowerment and conscious living, including: Say Yes To Change, 25 Keys To Making Change Work for You; Authenticity, Simple Strategies For Greater Meaning and Purpose a Work and a Home; and their soon to be released, Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living Consciously and Aging Wisely in the 21st Century for television. Her lifelong commitment to the healing arts serves as the basis for her highly sought after public seminars and retreats.

Sedena will be available for Private Ageless Living Sessions.

Ageless You! Embody Wellness, Vitality & Youthfulness at Every Age, April 13th

Weaving the power of the ancient practice of Qigong with transformational wellness and enlivened ageing concepts, Sedena reveals key practices and perspectives to attain and maintain greater health, balance, peace and longevity. People of all ages want to know how to daily de-stress, re-balance, renew and re-energize body, mind and spirit and thrive as they age. During this presentation, you will reaffirm the vital relationship to your own wholeness, healing and happiness and learn ways to experience a more empowered you.

Ageless You! The Best Is Yet To Be, April 14th 

Sharing empowering perspectives from her latest books, The Best Is Yet to Be and Getting Unstuck, and the newest science-backed research, Sedena offers strategies for uncovering the rich hidden layers of talent and wisdom that are unique to each of us. Through Indigenous wisdom, positive aging approaches and skills that promote happiness, resilience and long life, we can thrive and move beyond limited concepts of aging to discover ways to be vital, youthful and purposeful at any age.