A Day for Gratitude and Mindfulness: Thanksgiving at Red Mountain Resort

Appreciate the World Around You

A Day for Gratitude and Mindfulness: Thanksgiving at Red Mountain Resort

At our stunning location, nestled along lava flows, desert plants and ancient dunes, Mother Nature’s gifts are always on full display. While spending Thanksgiving with us, take the opportunity to appreciate the world around you – not just this day, but every day.  

The beauty of a southern Utah sunrise is well worth arising a bit early. The east-facing patio of our new Welcome Pavilion provides tranquility and the perfect viewpoint as the first rays of dawn peek over the cliffs. The red sandstone comes alight, bathed in a warm glow. This is the ideal time to take a quiet walk on Inspiration Trail or through the Labyrinth.

Special Thanksgiving Activities

  • Gratitude Yoga – 11 am  

Practice sun salutations along with active standing and balancing postures, while giving thanks for every breath and movement. The class will end with a meditation for a peaceful Thanksgiving. Yoga experience is recommended.  

  • Tai Chi Celebration of Gratitude – 3 pm

Express your thanks for life and the beauty surrounding you on the rocks of Snow Canyon State Park. Our Thanksgiving Tai Chi Celebration is intended to acknowledge where you have been, so that you can move forward with gratitude and open your mind to new ideas. The practice of Tai Chi promotes overall health, relaxation and mental focus, connecting your spirit to "be" in full balance. Suitable for Tai Chi beginners and as a unique experience for those with an ongoing practice.

  • A Sound Bath of Love, Gratitude and Relaxation – 8 pm

There is much to be grateful for. Join us for an evening of deep breathing, sound vibration and meditation as you allow yourself to become absorbed in the present moment and cultivate gratitude for all that you have attracted into your life at this time. Allow the sounds to carry your awareness to your breath and feel gratitude for this very breath that sustains you.

With so many activities to choose from on our daily schedule, trying to experience everything can become overwhelming. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a significant other or a group of friends, take some time alone to reflect.

Our Traveler’s Notebook is designed for journaling: collect written thoughts, pinches of red sand or sprigs of sage. Do you hear the quail and canyon wren calling? Smell the rich earth? Feel the energy coursing through the air? There’s plenty to be thankful for indeed.

Join us at Canyon Breeze Restaurant for a Thanksgiving Buffet that features all the traditional favorites made in our gourmet, health-inspired way. Seating is from 11:30am - 2:00pm. Reservations required. $42 per person a la carte, $20 per person for kids 12 and under. Buffet is included for retreat package guests.  Explore the menu below: