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Sagestone Spa Changes


Our Director of Spa & Wellness Marci Howard-May spent hours researching and collaborating with her entire team to more intently weave the menu at Sagestone Spa & Salon into the Red Mountain Resort nature inspired experience. The new streamlined menu offers revisions to treatments to make them even more effective, using more local ingredients, along with cleaner & healthier products for the skin. Our therapists and aesthetics teams have gone through hours of training and are now ready to deliver these powerful treatments to our guests.

The therapists will help our guests be ready for another day of adventure after a Red Rock Hikers Massage that really focuses on rejuvenating tired leg muscles by adding a marine mud pack to draw out toxins, improve circulation and applying replenishing magnesium gel to address leg cramping and fatigue. Our Vibrational Sound Therapy starts with a cup of specialized tea & a foot bath and includes deeply relaxing singing bowls to set the stage of immediate & deep relaxation. We have added grounding mats to each of our treatment tables to help you fight inflammation while you relax. Our goal in all of our treatments is to help you reset from the stresses of everyday life.

In searching for new products, we are pleased to announce the addition of the June Jacobs Spa Collection to Sagestone. Our aestheticians now have the power of this effective line that features cutting-edge botanical extracts and a patented anti-oxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts to help prevent the visible signs of pre-mature aging. The skin will be deeply nourished without any harsh chemicals, parabens, preservatives or synthetic fragrances.

We also welcome SpaRitual to our Salon, where we invite you to relax and learn about their Slow Beauty® in a Fast World philosophy, where their Vegan line of products reminds you that what is put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. You'll also discover many delights in our Spa Boutique so that you can continue your Red Mountain experience at home. We love the Grounded Beauty pillowcases to help reduce inflammation and improve sleep, Vitajuwel water bottles to cleanse and improve the quality of your water to name a few. We are also proud to carry items that help support women in the Phillippines, Nepal and Inda through fair trade, adding lovely items to take home to remind you of your amazing experience in Southern Utah.

Fitness News

Fitness Manager Kim Watters loves the challenge of bringing the top fitness trends to our Red Mountain Guests. Here are a few new classes she has added to our activity schedule, all included in Retreat Packages. 

Tank Top Arms- Keep your arms tank top ready with this twenty minute upper body class. You'll use body weight and resistance band exercises that will tone and shape the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest. 

All in One- Get it all done in 1 . HIIT it, with High Intensity Interval Training. Combine Cardio & Strength and achieve higher caloric burn, and the blissful after burn effect. You'll learn why EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) is truly epic when it comes to burning fat & staying fit.

Total Body Barbell- Die hard weight lifters throwing heavy bulky weights are intimidating – however the effectiveness of barbells is tough to beat. Thanks to a smaller & lighter bar and an instructor to coach you through every rep, you'll find a great way to say goodbye fat, hello stronger leaner body.

Candle Light Yoga- A gentle yoga practice in a peaceful candle lit room designed to guide the body and mind into a deep relaxed space, through soothing stretches and breath awareness; thus allowing the body to drift into a peaceful quiet sleep.

Transforming Loss - Judith Burdick

"Red Mountain played a vital role in my healing process. I always knew that one day I would do something to give back. And here it is." -Judith Burdick

Judith will be showing her film Transforming Loss - A Documentary & Talk Back on Thursday's from February 2nd through March 24th, 2017. If you are experiencing life's inevitable losses and find yourself in a challenging transitional time, this film will inspire you. Judith will also make herself available for private sessions on a limited basis during this time. She is a highly trained psychotherapist in the state of Michigan, and a seasoned coach, healer, presenter and educator in the field of loss. She can help you establish goals and find resources to connect, reflect and define a path toward healing.

For more information on Judith, visit JudithBurdick.com. View the trailer for Transforming Loss a Documentary.

Power Pilates Event

JUNE 24-25, 2017

The Core Mat I program is the foundation of the Power Pilates method. Each subsequent program builds upon the information learned during this course. During this weekend you will learn to teach the 18 beginner level mat exercises and be introduced to Power Pilates teaching tools, philosophy, and teaching formula. Every student new to Power Pilates must start with Core Mat I. Core Mat I & II are required to progress to the Comprehensive program. Registration does not include accommodations at Red Mountain. Register for the event here.

Adrenaline Adventure


Back on our schedule for Winter. You start with a strenuous and rugged 2.5 mile hike, where you are met with incredible views of the Red Mountain and in the distance you'll see Zion National Park. Next, you pass through a narrow slot canyon, where top-roped climbs are set up for your escape from the canyon. Your heart pumps even faster with the next part of this adventure - a 500-foot zip line that runs right into a locally famous bouldering area. You'll get some time to climb around before you head back to the trail. There is a 220 lb. weight limit to this adventure, due to sag in the zip line. We take a maximum of 5 guests on this adventure, and we recommend you carry a hydration pack with 3 liters of water. For your comfort, we suggest wicking clothing and long pants, as you'll definitely sweat and the trail is rugged. It's a 3 - 5 hour adventure, and is available Mondays and Thursday now through February 2017.

Transforming Loss - A Healing Process


Now a 4 day retreat

Many know the healing that can happen in nature. Judith Burdick, a highly regarded licensed psychotherapist, speaker and award winning filmmaker has created the Transforming Loss - A Healing Process™ 4 Day Retreat, to help those who have experienced the devastating loss of a loved one. This will be a truly meaningful and restorative weekend workshop for individuals as they connect with others who have also experienced the unique challenges connected to the loss of a loved one in a safe, nurturing and beautiful environment. You will find the balance needed to heal with the guidance and expertise provided by Judith Burdick. A grief survivor herself, Judith began her journey in understanding grief and loss when, at age 31, with two small children, her husband of 10 years was killed in a scuba diving accident. Judith knew it was not enough for her to white knuckle it and survive. She needed to do something meaningful that helped her thrive and grow through her loss.

"Red Mountain played a vital role in my healing process. I always knew that one day I would do something to give back. And here it is." -Judith Burdick

This 5 day 4 night retreat will include Private Group Sessions with Judith Burdick, private group hiking each morning geared to health and self care. You will connect in a sacred and safe environment. There will be small group processing, and healing through health promoting activities, along with the other components of our Essential Retreat package.

For more information on Judith, visit JudithBurdick.com. View the trailer for Transforming Loss a Documentary.

Where Heart Meets Horse | Mustang Adventure


This innovative program partners with the American Wild Horse as your teacher in a process that creates a willing relationship between human and horse. These Mustangs are survivors and they can teach you to empower yourself and survive the habitual addictions in our society by becoming the creative leader of your own life. "Where Heart Meets Horse" Mustang Adventure is offered from October - May.

Shamanic Energy Provider


Brittney Marie is trained in the healing arts of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Chinese Stone & Crystal Medicine, sacred geometry, and sonic alchemy. She has journeyed to the sacred sites and mountains of Peru and received the rites and initiations of the Q'ero lineage. Blending energies of the natural elements of the earth and within the individual, her work is intended to empower people to transform what is present into its highest expression.

Her offerings include, Shamanic Energy Medicine Sessions that include Chakra Balancing and clearing, Chinese Stone & Crystal Medicine, Sacred Geometry, Sound Healing with crystal singing bowls, Medicine Wheel and Drum Circles. Her sessions are limited to Monday's and Tuesdays, so be sure to contact Reservations in advance of your stay to ensure her availability.

Tiny Triathlon


Want a taste of being a triathlete? Going from one event to the next with little to no rest in between is a great cardio workout for anyone who likes cross training and wants to mix up their usual cardio workout routine. Here's what you'll do


This event starts at Outdoor Recreation. Participants will ride bikes to the Tuacahn parking lot, turn around and ride back to the resort parking in their designated spot at Outdoor Recreation.


Participants will run/walk the Inspiration Trail located to the south of Outdoor Recreation. Guests will take inspiration trail to paved bike path back to the resort entering in the south entrance closest to snow canyon pkwy, ending up at the indoor pool, next to the wellness center.


Participants will swim 8 lengths in the indoor pool. (Any style of swim or kick and pushing off the wall is fine.) Cool down and stretch.

Sign up and join the fun. This Triathlon is limited to 6 attendees and everyone is going for their personal best! $35


If you have always wanted to learn how to swim or if you just want to improve your kick, stroke or turn, we now offer swim lessons with Jamie Beckstrand a Division 1, collegiate athlete.

Private session fee-$75

Angel's Landing Excursion

Challenge yourself on the infamously strenuous Angel's Landing. This hike is one of the most famous within the US National Park System, and is consistently voted as one of the top ten day hikes in America. This bucket list adventure will definitely test your limits when it comes to its dizzying drop-offs and deep chasm views. Upon reaching Angel's Landing, you are rewarded with breathtaking 360-views that make it 100% worth it.

This adventure will be available seasonally on Tuesday's and Thursday's, and is a choice for guests on the Essential Retreat Zion Adventure Package. This hike is 4.8 miles round trip. Lunch is included and will be packed for you. $195

Mindful Challenge Hike

New to our schedule this will inspire the fire deep within you. You will fully engage all of your senses by adding silence to this challenge level activity. A multi-disciplinary approach that combines the skill and physical challenge of an Outdoor Recreation experience with aspects of meditative and stress reduction techniques to focus an individual’s attentions, emotions and physical needs to truly live in the moment. This is a small group activity held late Thursday afternoons. $55

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan Salt Stone therapy is an innovative healing technique that we now offer guests at Sagestone Spa & Salon. This treatment takes the traditional warm stone massage to an entire new level, replenishing your body with vital trace minerals while the warm salt stones combined with sage and cedar oil create the ultimate remedy for sore muscles. These beautiful stones have been hand carved into massage stones that your therapist will use to soothe and mineralize to reduce pain and inflammation. This 80 minute treatment is $160.

Rejuvenate and LiVe Well

Combine the science of the LiVe Well Center with the nurturing of Red Mountain and the result is a healthier empowered you!

MELT Anti-Aging Workshop

Featuring the 50-Second Facelift! If you have just a few minutes a day to help yourself look good and feel fantastic, this simple self-treatment is for you. This workshop will show you how you can reduce the sagging skin on your face and neckline and give you a facelift daily. Learn how to stimulate the cells that produce collagen in your skin and restore your skin's natural hydration from the inside out. Take home 7 tips for great-looking skin. You will learn other easy self-treatment techniques for reducing common aging issues including aches and pains, cellulite, stiffness, and difficulty sleeping that use the MELT Soft Body Roller and Treatment Balls. Check the weekly schedule for availability and price.

Supersonic Transforming Pedicure

New at Sagestone Spa & Salon, our Super Sonic Transforming Pedicure. Rough dry heels are no match for the power of the patented Clarisonic Pedi sonic technology. Advanced sloughing and softening skin care formulas are all combined to buff, polish and rejuvenate your feet to sandal ready perfection. 50 minutes of bliss. $55

Nature Inspired Portraits

Blend the skills of award winning photographer Dave Becker with beautiful light and red rocks and the result is magical. Dave will work with you during a 2 hour outdoor photo session and then he'll use his keen editing eye to make your photos absolutely stunning. We'll send you a CD of the photos for your use. Pricing starts at $400 per session with one person. Times are limited, so we recommend that you reserve your session in advance. 800-407-3002.

Fodor's Travel


Fodor's honored Red Mountain on this list by writing, "One of the most pet-friendly fitness resorts in America, Red Mountain Resort offers boot camp retreat packages and a well-rounded fitness and wellness program in the sublime natural setting of southwest Utah . The resort is completely surrounded by stunning red cliffs and canyons and, thanks to its location, day trip adventures to nearby Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. can easily be arranged. Most visitors frolic in the nearby 7,000-acre Snow Canyon State Park during their stay for superlative hiking and wilderness sightseeing."

Chakra Balancing


If you are feeling out of balance and highly sensitive to the energy of our high speed world, a Chakra Balancing session may benefit you. Ian Phillip White, a Reiki Master Teacher, will use this hands off healing modality to rebalance your chakras (energy centers) so that they are functioning property, improving your energy and well-being. The result of a chakra balancing session for many is a still mind, deep relaxation and sense of peace. 45 minutes $125.00

Mommy in Waiting


Our highly trained therapists know how important it is to nurture a Mommy in Waiting, as she prepares for her precious bundle of joy. This package includes a 50 minute prenatal massage, with a specialized oil. This massage is tailored to alleviate the discomforts of her changing body, such as low back pain, joint pain and edema. Then it's off to the salon so we can pamper her with a shampoo, blow dry and pedicure. A healthy and nourishing lunch awaits at Canyon Breeze. This package is $169*