Discovering your Best Self with Tarot, Crystals & the Chakras

March 7, 2020

Discovering Your Best Self, Using Tarot, Crystals and the Chakras - A workshop with Carolyn Ford, PhD

“You can pick up any magazine or turn on any channel to find a large variety of tips to create a “better you” - but that implies that perhaps something is lacking in you. What if you already had all the tools inside you to Create Your Best Self and just needed a reminder..." says Carolyn Ford, PhD.

Join Dr. Carolyn Ford in using various divination tools to bring out all the wisdom and power already located inside you. The experience starts with a Journey Through Your Chakras to discover where you naturally hold power; and where lessons may reside.

Next using Tarot Cards (& some Astrology tossed in for good measure)you will determine your Soul Card in order to illuminate key aspects of your life path.

Finally, work with the resonant energy of Gemstones to discover if you currently require Grounding, Revitalizing or Uplifting energy.”

After the workshop, enjoy a healthy lunch buffet at Canyon Breeze Restaurant. Participants can also enjoy 25% off regularly priced spa treatments at Sagestone Spa & Salon, the same day.

Carolyn Ford, PhD

Carolyn Ford was born in Kansas City, Mo and even at a young age felt the call of the metaphysical arts. She believes that spiritual growth represents a life-long commitment to self. Carolyn holds traditional degrees in Psychology & Sociology, as well as a Masters in Parapsychology & Indigenous Studies and a PhD in Esoteric & Indigenous Studies. She works intuitively with many modalities including tarot, crystals, chakra energy & auras, intuitive astrology and divination to help others form a deeper connection to their authentic self. Carolyn relocated to Red Mountain from Sedona, AZ, where she worked at Mi Amo Spa, and owned the College of Metaphysical Studies.