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Southwest Utah was virtually created for world-class mountain and tour biking, with a variety of scenic trails with all levels of challenge. At Red Mountain Resort, our retreat guests enjoy complimentary bike rentals and our team members can share popular trails and maps for exploring the surrounding area. Red Mountain maintains quality bikes for use on all our excursions.

Red Mountain offers the services of our Pre-Arrival Reservation Team to answer all your questions and to reserve your outdoor adventures at 800-407-3002. While you are at the resort, you can visit with our Adventure Concierge in the Guest Registration Lobby.

Custom Adventures


Our experienced guides and preferred outfitters can provide a custom adventure designed for your experience level and interests.  Choose a location near the resort, or a trip to nearby National Parks. Based on guide availability with 48 hour notice.

Snow Canyon E-Bike Adventure

2 hours, $175 PEr PERSON

Enjoy the red sandstone cliffs and beauty of Snow Canyon State Park. This route is primarily paved with some gravel road riding. E bike models may vary, and the guide will offer the bike best suited for your height. Biking experience is highly recommended for e-bike tours. E bikes are heavier than road and mountain bikes and can travel up to 25 mph.

Mountain Loop E-Bike Adventure

2 hours, $175 PEr PERSON

This route hugs the red cliffs & canyons of the big Red Mountain, taking you to the desert community of Kayenta. You will enjoy the architecture of this naturally landscaped area and glide into the heart of the Kayenta Art Village. You'll get a chance to freshen up and explore the artisan shops. Now, the ride goes to the stunning outdoor Tuacahn Amphitheatre and then coasts back to the resort. Average 15 mile ride.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Assumption of Inherent Risk in Outdoor Activities

Guests participating in Outdoor Recreation activities must recognize they include risks integral to those activities. Although it is possible to minimize these risks, they cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique nature of the activity. Guests must agree to comply with all safety rules and instruction of Red Mountain Resort, any of its agents, employees and representatives. Guests must recognize that our activities occur in the wilderness in environments that include canyons, mountain and desert terrain, remote from medical facilities, roads and communication sites. Some of the inherent risks guests may be exposed to include but are not limited to: judgments by self, others or Red Mountain Resort; not following instructions; rough and steep terrain, falling or stumbling, trails with or without maintenance, off-trail travel, fences and barbed wire, loose rock, sand, sharp branches, cactus, vegetation, boulders, exposed ledges and paths, standing or running water, high temperatures, flash floods, rain, snow, lightning, extreme weather changes, winds, wild animals, venomous reptiles, insects, terrain lacking water resources and rock fall. These and other risks and hazards can result in injury, damage, permanent disability, death or loss. By voluntarily signing up to participate in any organized outdoor recreation activity at Red Mountain Resort, guests acknowledge the presence of these and similar risks.

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