Customized Group Activities

Red Mountain Resort offers an extensive menu of activities for groups. Call us at 435.652.5706 or email here. Group events should be planned at least 72 hours in advance. Groups will sign a contract to guarantee the activity. Groups must be 10 people or more to receive this pricing. Based on availability of guides, providers and permits. Activities are best suited for groups of 10-30 people.

Bird Watching

3 Hours, $60 per person

Take more time to listen to nature's song and count how many different birds you can see. The Tonaquint Nature Center is a green oasis in the middle of St. George that attracts over 200 species of birds seasonally.

Candy Cliffs Hike

5-6 hours, $125 Per Person

Enjoy vistas of Zion National Park, Grand Staircase and Pine Valley Mountains. Hike on wave-like red sandstone, and be sure to look for the heart shaped rock formation. Guests should be prepared to hike 4-6 miles over varied terrain.


4 hours, $125 PER PERSON

Combine an exhilarating upper body workout with breathtaking scenery on one of our local lakes. 

Mindful Hike


A multi-disciplinary approach combining the skill and physical challenge of an outdoor recreation experience with aspects of meditative and stress reduction techniques to focus an individual's attentions, emotions and physical needs to truly live in the moment.

Petroglyph Hike

2 hours, $60 PER PERSON

Explore the Anasazi culture at a Solstice site, where the petroglyphs along with inspiring panoramic views, connects the people living here in the past with the people today. Guests should be prepared to hike 2 miles over relatively easy terrain

Spring Creek Canyon Experience

5-6 hours, $125 per person

This is an easy hike into a beautiful slot canyon located just outside the Kolob Canyons area of Zion National Park. It provides a taste of canyoneering in a relatively easy slot, in an area that is accessible. The canyon is a hidden gem, overlooked by most hikers, so you can often find solitude here. A small stream flows from this canyon most of the year, but may dry up in the case of summer drought. Follow the streambed up the canyon, you will encounter minor obstacles, including boulders and small dry falls, that you will have to climb over or move around. You can hike this canyon for many miles, but the first 2.75 miles are the most interesting. Not available December - February.

Zion National Park

Full day, $275 PER PERSON

One of the scenic natural wonders of the world, Zion National Park is famous for its deep canyons, sandstone cliffs and stunning vistas. Experience firsthand the beauty of lush forestland with the towering majesty of colorful mountain peaks.

Red Mountain Fire Ceremony

1 HOUR, $40 per person

Release regrets, fears and negative beliefs under the desert sky, and embrace heartfelt dreams and desires.

Sound Bath

1 HOUR, $35 per person

Immerse yourself in this metaphysical experience designed to guide listeners on a meditative journey of self-discovery and inner exploration. The Gong and Himalayan Singing Bowls produce sounds that promote healing on all levels, deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness while opening the body's entire energetic system.

Stretch Yourself

1 HOUR, $35 per person

A fun class with light yoga stretch and creative arts. How do you listen to yourself? Tap into the wisdom of you own intuition with colored pencil free form drawing.

Prices subject to change without notice. By voluntarily signing up to participate in any organized outdoor recreation activity at Red Mountain Resort, guests acknowledge the presence of risks associated with outdoor activities. A service charge and taxes are added to all activities.