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To sign-up for a workshop, call 877-246-4453 or extension 3048.

MELT Anti-Aging

50 MINUTES, $35

Featuring the 50-second Facelift.  Reduce sagging skin on your face and neckline daily.  Using MELT Soft Body Roller & Treatment Balls, you'll learn to stimulate collagen producing skin cells and restore hydration.

Detox Yoga

60 minutes, $35

Learn a Yoga practice to help you burn calories, release toxins and reduce inches from your tummy and hips, as you foster a healthy body-mind awareness.

Successful Meditation

90 MINUTES, $55

Cultivate a clear, calm and focused mind with basic meditation techniques.  Take home Meditation CD's are included.

Resorative Yoga Workshop

90 minutes, $55

Facilitate ease and rest in poses with various props.  Restore balance to the nervous system and greatly reduce stress.  Please bring a pair of warm socks to class.

Tai Chi on the Rocks

2 HOURS, $55

Staged in Snow Canyon, this ancient practice involves a series of graceful, choreographed moves to promote overall health, relaxation and mental focus.

Yoga for the Spine

60 MINUTES, $35

Elevate your overall health by improving strength, flexibility and balance in the spine, neck and sacrum.

Kettle Bell Essentials Workshop

50 MINUTES, $35

Learn how to define and strengthen your body with Kettle Bells in a small group setting.

Paddle Board Yoga

50 MINUTES, $55

Yoga will seem exciting and new when you add a paddle-board. Test your core strength, stability and agility with each asana you practice, and breathe in the beautiful view from the Red Cliffs Outdoor Pool.

Canyon View Yoga

90 MINUTES, $55

Experience yoga among the red rock cliffs, brilliant blue skies and petrified sand dunes of Snow Canyon State Park. Guests practice and embody the Ancient Theories of Postures (Asanas), Yoga Breathing (Pranayama) and Meditation.

Tiny Triathlon

50 MINUTES, $35

Curious about what a triathlon would be like?  Try it out with our short distances to see if it is for you.  Swim cap and goggle provided.  4 mile bike, 1.5 mile run/walk, 200 yard swim (8 lengths).

Intro to Tai Chi

50 MINUTES, $35

Enjoy the breathtaking view from our Lava View Lawn as you discover the joys and benefits of Tai Chi.

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