Fitness Workshops

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To sign-up for a workshop prior to your arrival, call 877-246-4453.

Posture and Alignment

50 minutes, $35

Discover how to target common misalignments and muscle imbalances with corrective exercises to improve your posture and alignment. Fitness attire required.

MELT Anti-Aging

50 MINUTES, $35

Featuring the 50-second Facelift.  Reduce sagging skin on your face and neckline daily.  Using MELT Soft Body Roller & Treatment Balls, you'll learn to stimulate collagen producing skin cells and restore hydration.

Detox Yoga

60 minutes, $35

Explore specific poses that when held heighten the body's natural ability to cleanse through respiration, digestion and improved lymph movement.

Restorative Yoga Workshop

90 minutes, $55

Restore balance to the nervous system, greatly reduce stress and rest deeply as various props provide support and facilitate ease. Please bring a pair of warm socks for class.

Yoga for the Spine and Hips

60 MINUTES, $35

A personalized approach to assist with neck, back and hip issues. Yoga tips are given that can be practiced anytime, anywhere to improve strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Intro to Qi Gong

50 minutes, $35

Learn an empowering approach to mastering stress and experiencing wholeness while immersing your senses in the stunning vistas from our lava view lawn.

Successful Meditation

90 MINUTES, $55

Cultivate a clear, calm and focused mind with effective meditation tools and techniques to reduce stress and instill mindfulness. Take home meditation CD included.

Yoga in the Canyon

90 MINUTES, $55

Experience yoga among the red rock cliffs, brilliant blue skies and petrified sand dunes of Snow Canyon State Park. Enjoy the sense of lengthening the body and calming the mind in this uniquely beautiful and serene location. Closed toed shoes required.

Tai Chi on the Rocks

2 HOURS, $55

Staged in Snow Canyon, this ancient practice involves a series of graceful, choreographed moves to promote overall health, relaxation and mental focus. Closed toed shoes required.

Mother Earth Meditation Walk

2 hours, $55

This meditative walk combines several different traditions that focus on expanding awareness of the mind, body and spirit leading to an overall healthier state of being.


2 hours, $100

Reconnect to the power of the Earth through the ancient teachings of Shamanic Energy Medicine. You are lead through our Sacred Spiral and Medicine Wheel to deepen your connection through water, plants, stones, fire and spirit animals.

Smart Phone Photography

90 MINUTES, $55 Bring Your Phone

This outdoor session will cover some basic tips and tricks of phone photography and suggested apps and ideas to boost your creativity.

Photography Field Session

2 hours, $100

Whether a beginner or experienced photographer, learn useful insights and tips while outdoors in the gorgeous Utah landscape. Digital, Smart Phone or Film tell your story through your photos. Closed shoes are essential. Private photography workshop available, 2 hours $150.

Anasazi Pottery

2 hours, $120

Create your own clay pot using ancient techniques.  Collect and craft your own native plant brush to paint your vessel.

Cancellation Policies:

Twenty-four hour notification is required for all canceled or changed spa & salon appointments, health and fitness services, private sessions and adventure trips to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. Missed appointments will be charged 100% of the service fee. A 15% service charge will be added to all treatments and activities. Prices subject to change without notice.