Cardio/Dance Workouts

Explore Fitness Classes and Workshops

All cardio and dance workouts are included with any Red Mountain Resort retreat package. $35 for a la carte guests.  Weekly class offerings vary; see current activity schedule for details.

Core 20

Get in and get out with this 20 minute class.  You will twist, bend, push and pull, for core training and balance.

Cardio Express

20 minutes of cardio, based on the HIIT Principle (High Intensity Interval Training).

Cardio Tread

Walk or run while navigating hills, flats and intervals.  This is a treadmill based group workout.

Cardio Strength Circuit

The ultimate gym workout for guests of all fitness levels to condition your heart, lungs and muscles.

Booty Beats

Unleash your inner diva with simple dance routines.

Tabata Bootcamp™

A 45-minute cardio and strength class consisting of timed intervals of work and rest to get the most out of every movement.

Ultimate Barre Workout

A Ballet Barre workout designed to lift your booty and define your legs and core.


Combines concepts from yoga, tai chi, tae kwon do, aikido, jazz and modern dance for a total-body cardiovascular conditioning experience.

Nordic Walking

Walk outdoors with modified ski poles and burn up to 40% more calories than regular walking while strengthening your upper body.

Drums Alive®

This rhythmic cardiovascular workout is also a powerful stress reducer.


A fusion of Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

TRX® Boot Camp

Work harder, move faster and meet your body's actual potential utilizing the TRX Trainer.

Sports Training

This cardio workout incorporates kickboxing, cross training and Tabata interval training.