Cindy Clemens

About Cindy


As a life coach, Cindy provides the insight and inspiration, combined with practical tools and strategies that people need to get off of autopilot and take charge of their lives. Cindy knows first hand about changing course and redesigning life. Enjoying a highly charged 15 year career in California as a trial attorney, she recognized she was no longer fulfilled by her career and unwilling to continue with her stressful lifestyle. She called out for a "Life do-Over"! While enjoying a cross-country RV trip, Cindy serendipitously discovered the profession of life coaching. She took charge, moved on to graduate from Coach U and now makes her home amidst the red rocks of southern Utah. Cindy has helped many Red Mountain guests and groups define their life's path. Cindy's book Life is a Do-Over is available at the Red Mountain Outfitter's store.

To schedule a private session or workshop, contact the Concierge at 435.652.5724 or 877.246.4453.