Personal Discovery

Empowering You In Your Life’s Purpose

Red Mountain Resort has a diverse team of dedicated professionals and services to provide new perspectives and life skills that you can integrate on your journey towards strengthening the connection of your mind, body and spirit.

Digital Photos in the Field

120 minutes, $99, bring your camera

Here is an opportunity for digital photography beginners to learn the techniques of photography with a digital camera in a patient, fun atmosphere. Dave covers the technical skills and ingredients for making great photographs. The session includes a field visit where you will have the opportunity to learn as you make photographs. Bring your camera.

Intuitive Energy Reading

75 minutes, $125

Our energy intuitive works with all types of stress and trauma, even post traumatic stress and beyond. She can see people's light, auras and energy, as well as stuck stuff in your system. You will learn how to fully release and how to rewrite in a powerful way. She also can help get you balanced and grounded so you don't have "energy leaks" and negative "energy blocks". You will learn meditations and techniques but also identify your issues and create a full release exercise for you.

Life Path Reading & Sound Healing

75 minutes, $150

An intuitive reading and sound healing to help you navigate a new path, open to your own intuition and clear limiting beliefs. In this journey, you’ll experience the healing, clarifying power of the harmonic tones of crystal bowls and precious stones. Ancient Shamanic systems will be used to track and clear past experiences that can heal many present life challenges.

Photography 101 Group Workshop

60 minutes, $49, bring your camera

A hands-on workshop covering the basic operation of digital cameras to enable you to improve your quality of photos. Be sure to bring your camera! From mega pixels to shutter speeds, this workshop can clear some of the confusion of basic digital photography.

Private Photography Workshop

2 hours, $149, bring your camera

Regardless of your level of photography experience, this one-on-one session is tailored to your interest.

Mandala Magic Private Session

50 minutes, $80

This session is as entertaining or profound as you wish as the current attitudes and feelings within your psyche are revealed.  if you have completed one, bring your mandala with you for deeper examination.

Tea Leaf Reading and Single Stone Rune Cast

40 minutes, $70

Discover how earth elements create synergy between the energy of the natural world and our innate vibrations.  Build a path to deeper self-awareness using the symbolic interpretation of tea leaves or rune stones.

Touch the Spirit of Clay: Anasazi Pottery Group Workshop

120 minutes, $100, includes all materials, firings and shipping.

The early cultures of the Southwest including the Anasazi made pottery for grain storage and other uses, but pottery is not a purely utilitarian item — pottery has a spirit. It is a product of the Mother Earth; her body forms the walls of a vessel, her bounty provides the paints to decorate it and the very need for having it in the first place. In this class, clients will use the techniques of the Anasazi to build and decorate a pot using early techniques and tools. In addition to shaping the pot by hand, you will be able to decorate it using native southwestern plant brushes and paints made from ground minerals, clay and vegetation. Vessels will be fired in modern kilns and finished with clear glaze (if desired) to increase durability. All items will be bubble wrapped and shipped within two weeks.

Awareness Walk

2 hours, $49

Access a deep state of relaxation, intuition and focus on a short walk in the desert at dusk.


Twenty-four-hour notification is required for all canceled private sessions to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. Missed appointments will be charged 100% of the service fee. A 15% gratuity will be added to all services. Prices subject to change without notice.


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